• Mine seems to. Sometimes the movement will catch her eye, but then she'll ignore it.
  • If my cat ses another cat, he will never just dismiss it, due to feeling territorial, horny, or just wanting to communicate. But when he sees his reflection, he looks briefly, but doesn't react to it. So I assume either he does realise that it is him somehow, or doesn't see his reflection as we do, perhaps how cat's eyes work. In short, I haven't a clue.
  • Apparently mine doesn't, she hisses at the mirror. You'd think after a while she'd realize it.
  • Our cat is usually very calm and quiet. We had set a mirror on the floor until we found somewhere to put it and that cat went crazy! She jumped from the front to the back of the mirror for almost 3 hours looking for the cat that she saw. It was adorable and kept her from being in our hair! So I think she saw something but had no idea it was her
  • Experimentally, they have not been shown to get this. Psychologists have used an experiment to try and judge an animal's or an individual's capacity for self-awareness in which a bright dot is applied to their forehead (or somewhere else out of their direct line of sight). The subject is then placed before a mirror to see if they react to the reflection by trying to remove the dot they see in the mirror from their own body. Some great apes have passed the test, as have dolphins and elephants, but so far most other animals - including dogs and cats - have failed this test indicating that they are unaware that the reflection belonging to themselves.
  • Most of them I've seen don't get it.

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