• absolutely, however this idea is nothing new. Back in the early 80's they used to have a topless donut shop in Ft lauderdale.
  • Are the gals lactating? Can we get a little squirt in the coffee? (I know i'm sick)
  • Definitely, I don't even drink coffee but I would if such establishments were put in place.
  • Duncan Donuts
  • Hope they serve hot chocolate
  • Not really. It would be coffee I wanted, not a peepshow.
  • I'd have to try... the coffee, of course.
  • This just in. The Vasselboro Planning Board met and APPROVED the business license. The entrepreneur behind the project plans to have his coffee shop open in 30 days.
  • Two carpenters opened a topless lunch place about eight years ago near here. Everything was ten dollars. Lasted about a year yo...
  • I am not sure but August 26th is national top-less day and rally in the USA..
  • Nah: Sometimes it is definitely the product that matters. Topless coffee shops would encourage customers to take off their tops: All hell would break loose: Then someone would open "the nude coffee cafe".
    • Thinker
      It is legal to be topfree (topless) in 34 of the 50 states in the USA. only two, Utah and Indiana have laws making it illegal. The rest will not press charges unless there are additional charges. More men and women need to exercise their rights. Men won the fight to be topless in the 1930s isn't it time to grant the same to all women as well?
  • Health and safety would not allow it. You can't even have your hair uncovered when handing food. Never mind letting out the puppies.
    • Thinker
      Why are the "puppies" anymore dirty than the face, arms, and hands? Restaurants and the law do not require them to be covered. Hair covering is not because of uncleanness it is to keep falling hair from contaminating the food. The same is true for beards and mustaches.

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