• It's a programming language. That's like saying "list out the uses of math in detail." You'd be best off picking up a book on C and going from there. - Instead of uses, I can give you some information about the language. C compilers exist for Linux and Windows. The code is not written with a GUI. It is not object oriented (C++ is, however). I never got into working with C and graphics so everything I did was text-based (think command prompt). This is not to say that it is useless for GUIs and graphics though... It has been used extensively in these areas. - It's a rather basic language and several other languages appear similar to it. The basics of JavaScript are nearly identical to C. PHP is very similar as well. Because of those reasons, if you are interested in eventually working with web programming, I would suggest learning C. - If not, I would suggest learning C++ since I have become a fan of object-oriented programming since I got my first taste of it (there are those who disdain it). You might also consider Visual C++ or Visual Studio, where you can easily create GUI applications. The learning curve will be steeper but in the end it might take you less time since you will only be learning one language instead of two (if you started with C and then moved to something with a GUI development platform (RAD)).

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