• The internet is a wonderful recourse: # #
  • Have you tried water exercises? Treading water is a great way to tone up your abs, legs, arms, and butt. You can also do variations, such as treading water while extending your legs straight out in front of you and held together... then rotate them from side to side. If you enjoy swimming and the water then playing in the pool is a great encouragement to exercise.
  • hula hooping as a great way to tone up your stomach, a weighted one is easier to use but a kids one will present more of a challenge. try doing it in intervals througout the day so that youy total around 10mins a day. however this needs to be coupled with other exercises.
  • you can not target one area of your body to lose weight or fat from, if this was possible, everyone would have abs. Most abs workouts will strengthen the core yet I find chair crunch works quite well overall

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