• It's a democratic republic, actually. Neither a pure democracy, or standard republic.
  • Representative Democracy. Pure democracy would be anarchic. Could you imagine trying to run a country like that?
  • *sigh* Two answers and both incorrect. The US is a Federal Constitutional Republic.
  • It's a Constitutionally Limited Republic.When asked upon leaving the Constitutional Convention,Ben Franklin was asked what he gave us.He replied,"A Republic,Madam,if you can keep it."
  • Thank you, Thank you, Thank you Sidhedarkness! Federal: Because it's a federation of 50 independant governments, the states. In the beginning anyway(13 colonies) Republic: Because legislation is made by a vote of representatives of the, using the 1789 terminology, several states. Constitutional: Because the Constitution is the agreement/contract between the several states of the terms of coallition.
  • It's a Representative Democracy like Sodapop said.

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