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  • I'm a Protestant, and I really don't care if someone isn't.
  • Yes...No...
  • depends. I am nondenominational Christian, my B/F is Catholic. this is no big deal. but i would not date a man of wicca, islam or an atheist. the moral diversity is too steep for me personally. that doesnt mean that others cant do it though.
  • when you are in love, you are in love with that person rwgardless of race, religion or sexual preference --- i hope that our world will figure it out some day soon
  • I am trying to find someone who is of the same belief as me but my best friend was catholic and we just didn't mention it much...but when it comes to mix religions marrying then it would be difficult to decide how to raise the children... so that's why i am trying to keep to my word on having the same religion...
  • Yes and no and I did.
  • i would date someone of a different religion as long as they didn't try to force their views upon me. other than that, it doesn't make a difference to me. :)
  • if you are devout in your religion how could you think interfaith marriage was anything but stupid. what one KNOWS to be true the other KNOWS to be false... how can you have a good relationship with that as your foundation? if your religion is a casual activity like a club to belong to... then it is really more of just a club and someone else with the same lack of devotion to a different faith could be compatible.
  • I think it can work as long as you don't try to force your views on each other. I mean if you love each other should it matter what you believe? sadly, too often in does matter, and its really stupid how gung-ho people are in their religions. I mean, the guy I like is a christian, but even though I'm an agnostic (undecided and ripe for the picking) and we're friends, he doesn't try to drag me to church or convert me, as if Jesus would give him heavenly brownie points for dragging one more heathen, kicking and screaming, one step farther from the gates of hell. And thats one of the reasons I like him so much is that he's low key. I hope he'd embrace me for what I am. And when you think about it, not dating or marrying someone because they're of a different faith is almost like not dating or marrying someone because they're of a different race. Almost. I don't want to ruffle any feathers, but thats how it seems to me.
  • We all have different religions & all of them are respected if you want others 2 respect yours.
  • I guess that would depend on how religious you consider yourself and the one you are dating. If you are both very committed to your respective religious choices than sooner or later it will likely become a problem. Then, should you want to get married and or have children, which religion would be chosen?
  • I think it would depend on the two religions involved. For example, a fundamental Christian woman probably couldn't have a good marriage with a devout Muslim man, and a Mormon and a Jew wouldn't so much, either. Now, my husband and I practiced the same religion when we met. We've both changed a lot since then... now he's kind of a non-denom, generic judeo-Christian, whereas I'm more floundering between agnosticism and atheism. It hasn't posed a problem with us so far.
  • I was once with a christian girl for a fair while (I'm an atheist), however, she wasn't exactly a fundie, and it just didn't come up in conversation a hell of a lot. So it wasn't really an issue. Not ever having been a member of a religion, I don't really have the proper perspective upon the subject.
  • No, I would not. It is always better to marry someone with the same ideals and values.
  • To me, it doesn't matter, as long as they don't try to convert me over to their religion. Personally, I am agnostic and have not yet made up my mind about religion, but I have dated Christians before, one of which was VERY religious. This was never a problem. I respected her opinions, and she respected that I did not have a religion.
  • it doesn't matter to me, as long as nothing is forced on me.
  • It doesn't matter, but it won't always be easy. But nothing is ever easy. Just have to work hard and fight for what you want.
  • I would have to say no I wouldn't. I have a hard enough time sorting out what I believe all the time. She would have to be thinking much the same thoughts, and if we went to church or had religions they would have to pretty much be the same. I know that it is hard to find someone that agrees with you completely, but I would need someone that does not frustrate me or make me think they don't know diddley. Heh!
  • I like to think that love prevails over all and religion or ethnicity should never matter. So in answer to thine question, yes i would date or marry someone that isn't the same religion as me. And no it does not matter.
  • yeah..after converting her to my religion!
  • If our beliefs were adequately compatible, then yes ... but if there was a strong diametric opposition, then no.
  • yes i me it's not that big of a thing...but if they start telling me how i need to live, then things just won't work out
  • Nope it is important to me yes I dont care I closed minded
  • doesn't matter unless you are the type of person who insists your religion is "right" and you try to convert everyone.

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