• Yeah - its a great feeling.!!! Years ago I knew of a couple that were really really on their bones (struggling) financially.. I wasnt much better off, but I had some money saved for some things I needed. Weighed up my need with theirs - theirs was really dire.... Put the cash in a sealed envelope, left it in their postbox...... They still dont know where it came from... but it helped them over the worst..! I can recomend doing it anytime..!
  • Yes, but it was a gag gift
  • Not yet!
  • Someone gave me an anonymous gift many moons ago. $25.00 as a down payment for a plane ticket to Israel. The remaining amount was also gifted to me as well as someone to take care of my children while I went. I was so blown away, and forever blessed. It was the beginning of my trying harder to listen and know God's voice so I could do the same thing one day.
  • Yes and once I was actually criticized for wanting to remain anonymous. But my wish was honored. I've also received anonymous gifts.
  • Yes I have, a few times.
  • not yet
  • yes, last christnnas at church i got $100 for a gift and never found out who it was fronn
  • Yes. My bone marrow and a $20 bill to a monastery of monks

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