• Good art makes you think and squint at the picture =P
  • gut feeling I guess. Everybody has their own opinions.
  • I can't...
  • I've seen my share of bad art -- particularly bad coming from college students and recent graduates. It's a shame because many of these kids DO have talent. Art should be either beautiful or emotionally powerful. Great art is both. Too many art students equate shock value with emotional power. Either way, good art should show a solid skill of the craft. Art isn't about thinking -- it's about feeling. A lot of artist fail by trying to be too "clever"
  • Years and years of training. An extremely educated eye, intelligence, intuition, good breeding and money.
  • Art is subjective, and beauty is in the eye of the beholder.
  • put your glasses on and that will tell you straight away love
  • I think if you like it, then it is good art If you don't like, it isn't good. All we have is our own doesn't matter if something is considered "great" art to me..if I find it ugly then it's ugly to me and it doesn't matter what others think. Same thing with music, or clothes, or whatever. Appreciation of art, music, literature is a personal thing. I never worry about what critics think since they are not me and I am not them and what they experience is not what I experience. Now, if you are talking about investment in art, that is something else. I suppose you hire an expert and pay for his/her advice. :)
  • Bad art is usually supported by the Endowment for the Arts
  • Art is too subjective to assign absolute, qualitative criteria to it. There are certainly universal principles like composition, technique, craftsmanship, etc. that are used as guidelines for evaluating some forms of art, but art can be literally ANYTHING. I think what makes it good or bad is really just whether you like it or not.

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