• You see what you want to see. Many others hold an opposite view where Christians and conservatives are being aggressively offensive. Personally I find it hypocritical when they start playing the victim card.
  • I don't hear anyone talking about Christianity in a negative light. I do, however, hear many people speaking ill of conservatives and religious fundamentalists from all three Abrahamic religions. Most people that I observe are moderates who aren't deeply passionate about their religious beliefs and they have disdain for the overly-negative, divisive attacks coming from the right. They're getting tired of just one side doing the pushing around, and although they're not pushing back that hard --- because, unlike their opponents, they're not mean-spirited --- they're complaining, which is a good first step. The left hasn't been doing a good job of keeping the right at bay because they don't use the same aggressive tactics the right does. The right throws dust in the eyes and hits below the belt, the left retains its honor and asks the right to stop. So it seems when the left stops asking and starts yelling, all of a sudden the right says that the left are a bunch of hypocrites and are up to no good. It drives me crazy.
  • I have seen very little hate speech directed at those groups. Can you direct me to some that you see? I have often heard very harsh speech by some members of those groups, like some radio talk shows and people here, on AB. So, based on my observations, and given the two choices you give I'd say you're off - maybe not all the way off the rocker - but perhaps biased. But I'll hold my opinion open until I see some of your examples. +5
  • I don't see "hate speech... being universally accepted". I see a spectrum of responses to fundamentalist Christianity and political conservatism (which are not natural partners, btw). On the extreme end, those who speak hatefully are often shouted down by their own side, but not always. But the center-of-gravity for criticism of Christianity and conservatism is not as unbalanced as you're claiming, in my experience. Christianity and conservatism teamed up in an odd-couple match back in the 1980's, forming a loud and aggressive force in American life. It's quite natural that there would be a backlash against some of the more extreme elements from that side of the culture. No movement is devoid of downside, and every lash has a backlash. The Christian conservatives have been doing quite a bit of lashing over the last 20 years, and are increasingly encountering resistance of equal or greater intensity. In other words, it's just human beings doing what they do: latching onto beliefs and using them to push others around.
  • Aaaah, poor babies! This just ain't fair, the Christians are sooooooooooooo persecuted!
  • I don't think you know what hate speech is.
  • I don't think any of the comments directed towards Christians have been hate speech. Furthermore, I am Jewish, and many Christians have called us "Christ-killers." That's closer to hate speech than anything I've seen on AB.
  • A couple of observations: One, christians are the majority religious body in the richest and most powerful country in the history of the world. It's hard to imagine that the hate speech rattles this group. Also, there is the inclination for people to believe what is DONE, and not what is said. Christians SAY they love their neighbors, but they so rarely show it. They SAY they go to place to teach English, but it's really to convert people. And so on. They have rather earned their criticism, ay?
  • I see comments here and think "how many communists do you know?". Communists are known for aggressive talk against Christianity. Plus I don't care for the conservative liberal fundamentalists labels I prefer to call myself just what I am a born again believer. As in born again of the Spirit. Many talk "religion" who are not born again and think they are.
  • It's true. People also still blatantly make fun of people who are ugly, old and fat, as if ageism and body shaming were aceptable as well.
  • You are precisely on target but it isn't coming as hate speech it is coming in the form of fake news and government regulation.
  • East Lansing, Michigan won't let a Christian farmer participate in their farmer's market because of his views on gay marriage. Hate speech does not necessarily need to be "speech". See details.
  • Here is another one. This one is from "The View" compareing Christians to the Taliban. I don't see any Christians anywhere butchering anybody.
  • The concept of 'sin' is becoming offensive to many non fundamentalists. People are now beginning to hate to be seen as a person who 'sins'. Maybe they don't want to be reminded of it. Kind of like if a trans or lgbt doesn't want to be reminded that they are trans or lgbt. And that could be the reason why many Churches are not even speaking on the topic of 'sin' anymore at all... There is a false messiah who is Mexican. He claims to be the Christ and has many followers who give him monies and high esteem. Well one of his statements is that there is 'no more sin' and that 'prayer' is no longer necessary... ----------------------- The whole 'there is no sin' concept is of the ones who cause turmoils within quiet peaceable families and neighborhoods.. But of course, this man is delirious.. He has even abandoned his own family to go around claiming to be some 'superstar' rather than accepting his real last name... I mean, you do know what God, real God, might do to those who are delusional to the point of having other persons leave the true way to follow some lying way, right?? These people are not 'EVIL' or 'WICKED' or 'DEVILS' or 'DEMONS'. These people are DELUSIONAL IN NEED OF SOME SOBRIETY.. It's such a shame that people fall for this stuff. They give themselves into a 'scam' and hand over their lives, their faith, their monies, their families, their properties to a scam person.. All because they want part of the 'city slicker' life or the 'I feel fashionable' life rather than keep to their sane selves.. Of course you are going to feel like a celebrity if you think the person you are hanging out with is Jesus Christ... And they go around making more recruits and terrorizing more neighborhoods and cities... But of course, these people are never taken to any Judicial Court because it is their right to be who they want, right???
  • Fantastically hypocritical
  • You are off your rocker is all. Christians and conservatives cause and fight/fund virtually all wars today. Whether it's supplying them weapons, funding, information or support. Thus it's fully deserved what such people get. Of course not all Christians and cons are the same just as not all Muslims and Jews are the same. But 95% of the world's weapons are made by Christians...
  • Absolutely hypocritical.

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