• We should honor our commitments.
  • Methink it in our best interest to support countries that share our values and ideals.
  • We are about to find out, Obama is going to withdraw aid to Isreal. Obama was overwhelmingly supported by all major terrorist groups in the world.
  • No. I am assuming you mean giving them aide. We really don't "defend" them. Israel is the only US friendly democracy in the middle east. If we cut aid to Israel you're only going to see more bloodshed. We're keeping the leash on Israel.
  • Our sole reason for supporting Israel is some misguided side effect of the christian love/hate relationship with Jews. They persecuted them for ages but since Christianity relies so heavily on Judaism as it's base, there is this weird sense that Israel must be defended at all costs. Israel gets more financial aid than any other country on the planet. That is ridiculous considering it is far from a poor nation. I understand that we want to support nations that are friendly to us, but it is a hard sell to say that Israel is somehow our best friend in the world among nations that they deserve more aid from us than anyone else. It also sends a clear message to the region that we are incapable of being unbiased in any conflict.
  • No, because they're our ally. Not "our" as in allies to people living here, but an ally to our gov't. If we stop defending them and sending them our support, they'll no longer be our ally. This would be bad because there are so many countries that just want to straight kick our ass right now because of the corruption in our gov't. The reason they don't make their move is because of Israel. Israel would jump to our aid at the drop of a dime. I think we need to "fix" our country first before we stop defending Israel.
  • We send a lot of aid to Israel. Maybe instead of sending them X amount of dollars, we could send them, oh, say 2/3X amount of dollars and use that extra 1/3X to help the people losing their homes in this country? Before we offer so much aid to other countries, we should help our own country.
  • Yes, it absolutely should. Here's something that Dennis Kucinich said regarding this issue on Democracy Now today that is right on the money: "Well, you know, let’s look at this in a broader context. The US has really lost a lot of its moral authority. You know, ever since we started to attack Iraq and brought forward a war that was totally unjustified, our continued war in Afghanistan, the incursions in Pakistan, we are—and the saber rattling with Iran, where is the US’s moral authority anyway? We have to, hopefully, with a new administration, take a new direction, where we regain our ability to be able to counsel the rest of the world on how to move towards peace. We’re not in a very good position to be able to counsel Israel. And in matter of fact, the Bush administration encouraged Israel to continue the aggression that occurred in South Lebanon that resulted in, the closing days of that war, the destruction of South Lebanon, which is one of the reasons why I’m concerned about what might happen yet in Gaza in the closing days of this current war."
  • No, the US should continue to support Israel because they broadly share Western values.Israel is the least untrustworthy country in the Middle East. We should not however support extreme zionists or ultra orthodox Jewish Fundamentalists who steal Arab land in the West Bank. Also,if the US does not support Israel, there could be another Holocaust if Islamic Fundamentalists Fascists ever get the chance to implement their own "Final Solution" to their Jewish problem.
  • The US regrets supporting the Jews and instauring an Israeli State, but it's too late. The damage has been done and now the US realize how dangerous the jew minds are without acknowledging it, I can guarantee you the truth from the Washington doorsteps, they are very destructive and of a grave concern from our politicians's point of view, very destructive. However, we're too late! We are trying to go around it though.
  • Until Israel has a lesser control of the U.S by its inner and outer power of wealth and media control which distorts truth and fact via corrupt governments and those that support them ... Israel will always commit terrorism whenever it pleases to do so ... People mention allies ... yet most people on the streets worldwide are opposed greatly to their methods and actions to commit murder by false reason and or hatred towards all today, for their past afflictions committed by others who no longer exist . That said > I believe things will slowly change now an intelligent president has finally being elected and the Israeli free rein to cause death to innocent women and children will be prevented by a deeper and wider consideration from others for others ... Peace
  • It isn't Israel until it's peacefully established, so it's not Israel in my eyes.
  • Absolutely! The US alliegance with Israel is the cause of most of the commotion and unrest in the Middle East. The fact that the US hands over more than 2.3 billion taxpayer dollars per year to Israel with no strings attached is in and by itself absolutely outrageous. Then, take also the fact that the US also provides Israel with all the WMDs - from white phosphorous to bulldozers - with which to slaughter the Palestinians and you've got not only a recipe for disaster but a deadly alliegance of sorts. There's absolutely no doubt that god makes them but the devil brings them together
  • Absolutely! The US supported the jews in stealing land thinking they would have a foothold in the Mid-East. jews took advantage of it knowing they would never support the Americans because of their own selfish cause and they knew well of their intentions with their evil mind towards Palestinians. I do not blame the Middle East for wanting to get rid of the jews there, their place is not there. We are talking mostly russian jews who need to be displaced back to their own land, they are the most criminal, evil minded terrorists we have to face to date. I am European, all of my friends and family here are against israel and its invasion. As a Western European, I am so angry to this day that we did not protect Lebanon during the last jew attack against them that I shout often, I would've been one of the first to enroll to combat destructive jews in the Middle East as part of my army, and if I died i would've been proud to do so for fighting against Middle East jew terrorism :)
  • not only the U.S but other countries should scale back ALL the help they have been giving them over the years, Israel seem to think they have a divine right and can and have done nothing wrong and will NOT listen to anyone but the beat of their own drum
  • Absolutely. Israel is a threat to peace & humanity and the US does a disservice to the world by blindly backing them up. For example, do you know that Israel was the real reason behind Iraq? Do you that the reason why Russia invaded Georgia recently was because the Israelis put them up to it by trying to use Georgia as a striking point against Iran? Do you know that Israel boasts - and is proud of the fact that - the US will do whatever they tell them to? Finally, and if for no other reason, do you know that the US gives Israel trillions of our tax payers dollars in cash and weapons every year? This was in 2008 alone, Obama has pledged to continue the policy which has been carried since 1948
  • The US doesn't defend Israel. In 15 years, Israel will have as strong an Air Force as the US. The aid all you fuckin Nazis cry about is not even 1% of Israel's GDP. Stop the aid and it will immediately put 20,000 Americans out of work. The work will go to Israelis. Israel manufactures many weapons which are unequaled by any other country. Jews don't need to steal "secrets" from other people. They are smart enough . Which people created the atom bomb? 90% of the scientists were Jewish. Who invented the nuclear powered ballastic missile firing submarine ? A Jew. You all just an ignorant bunch of Nazis.
  • Yes because we have more important things to put our effort into. Israel can go up in flames for all I care.
  • The US should make its aid to Israel conditional on them working towards a peaceful two state solution. That includes immediately halting all settlement expansion, and setting a timetable for all settlements to revert to Palestinian control. The residents would be given the choice of moving towards Israel or accepting Palestinian government, as well as assistance should they choose to move.

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