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  • Wow that is a tough one I think, but I might have an answer for you from my own experience. And I DON'T recommend doing this if you have to work for the next three days cause it won't happen. Pure Nutmeg. Not that powdered stuff you get at the stores, but the actual nut. I grated down and took three tablespoons. Nothing happened for about a good 14 hours. And right when I was about to go to bed and say screw this, that shit hit me like a mac truck. I was gone for two complete days. Don't ever do this and if you do have a "babysitter" handy.
  • I would say from my experience, magic mushrooms. They can be really strong and it's difficult to tell how many to take. If you're not careful before you know it you'll be hiding under the table, unsure as to whether or not you ARE part of the table?!(they really mess with your head)
  • I would say either mushrooms or peyode.... but good luck getting peyode.... so i would stick with the shrooms... they are a lot of fun... but like the kid said about nutmeg, you may want a babysitter!!!
  • This is not a question that can be answered definitively. Here is why: The effects of psychedelics are very unpredictable. It depends on the amount taken, the user's personality, mood, and expectations, and the surroundings in which the drug is used. Usually, the user feels the first effects of the drug 30-90 minutes after taking it. The physical effects include dilated pupils, higher body temperature, increased heart rate and blood pressure, sweating, loss of appetite, sleeplessness, dry mouth, and the "shakes." Sensations and feelings change too. The user may feel several different emotions at once or swing rapidly from one emotion to another. The person's sense of time and self change. Sensations may seem to "cross over," giving the user the feeling of "hearing" colors and "seeing" sounds. All of these changes can be frightening and can cause panic. It is all very individual, and depends alot on the purity of the drug taken.
  • Salvinorin A found in Salvia Divinorum is strongest natural psychedelic it means that you need smalest amount (about 200-500 mcg) of it to feel the efect. the only stronger haliucinogen is LSD which is about ten times stronger than salvinorin.
  • The strongest NATURAL hallucinogen is peyote which contains mescaline.
  • This may not be the strongest but it's pretty natural. Dehydration can be crazy if pushed to a certain point. Personally i was very sick with alcohol posiening and vomited for a whole day, I even threw a lot of bile and some blood. I didn’t consume anything for around 26-28 hours. I had many pains, cramps, and the shakes. I experienced hallucinations as extreme as potent mushrooms and couldn't determine sleep from awake because it was all dreams. I would wake up to different realities and drift off to other hallucinations.
  • I would say DMT. Definatly, hands down, DMT. It stimulates the penal gland in your brain, causing you to go into your REM cycle while your awake. Almost a comatose like trip for 5 or so minutes, that seams like hours. It's very scary the first time you take it.
  • Salvia is the most potent natural occuring hallucinogin. While many people dont like it, because taking it in is a rather technical process, it is very strong. The first time i did it, i lost complete touch with reality. I was in the passenger seat of my friends car, he was sober (dont EVEr drive while on hallucinogins). The road became a fruit rollup and we were driving in a yellow clown car. And then smoke started taking the shape of things and the road turned yellow and it was like we were driving in space. The typical color scheme of a Salvia hallucination is yellow, black, and purple, with a little red. Very interesting, and lasts for about 25 minutes.
  • DMT is by far the most dissociative hallucinogen. It's the only drug that can completely take you out of reality. For what seems like an hour or so (really only about 10 minutes) your whole visual field becomes one big hallucination. You literally lose all awareness of your surroundings and slip into a dream world. (when you dream during your REM cycle, you're actually extremely fucked up on the DMT that naturally releases itself into your brain). It's also the only drug that is healthy for you and increases overall happiness. Every single human being trips balls on DMT multiple times every night since even before they are born. Without the feeling DMT (I've heard psychiatrists say this before, don't know how true it is) human beings would become so depressed within only a week or so, they would not be able to function. Oh yea, and if you stay up for more than three days (not recommended), apparently the lack of sleep causes you to trip really, really hard. Hallucinations, loss of color vision, shifting floor, and extremely distorted perceptions of light and depth are just a few symptoms of extreme sleep deprivation. I don't know how pleasant this feeling is though, but my friend who actually tried this said it's not worth it.
  • I would definetly have to say percecet.
  • DMT is the strongest drug in the world but you better be ready for a 30 to 45 min rollercoster ride threw the worlds around you (i.e. the heavens and hells according to some people) There are many many hallucinogens. If you are just starting i would recomend trying some shrooms and see how you like it also i think acid is an expierence that everyone should well, expierence. Shrooms are more bubblie and round and acid is more wavie and ALWAYS take the right amount never do more than 3/4 of an 8th of boomers your first time and never more than 4 hits of cid your first time either. Salvia is legal but im not to sure why, i recomend not trying but at the same time i want to try it again but at the same time NO I DONT! But i say do that one for you self but DONT DO IT. If you choose to you need a sober person who can handle a person freaking out and knowing how to be there for someone freaking out and moving around maybe even running around. It hits you like DMT, instantly. Before you're done blowing your hit out. And you COMPLETELY forget that you took a hit of salvia (we did the 21x extract which is pretty strong). Be really careful with this stuff. experement at your own risk but a lot of people are not ready for it. Like dmt you need to be able to have your entire life change before your eyes and everything change in 30 min. I myself still need to try the almighty peyode. This is a very spiritual plant as are all of the mind enhancing things we experiment with these days. Everything is spiritual. Have a clear head and i always recomend having a clear shcedule for 2 days atleast so you can do your stuff day 1 or that night and then you have an entire day to recoup and eat good food and spend time with mary-jane of course. LSD is a derivitive of ergot which is part natural but it is a chemical drug but everything happens for a reason so it was created for a reason so like i said i believe everyone should experience it. Shrooms are natural it just considered food poising. DMT is extracted from the root of a plant. Peyode is a cactus. There are vines from the amozon that will send you into another reality for 3 days. Salvia is a plant aswell. X is all chemical and very addictive. If you can control yourself i recomend trying this but dont do it more than 3 times a year. It is all chemicals and once you find out what goes into it you might not even want to try it. Like i say you should always research whatever your going to do before you do it. Get all your facts straight and look into it as deeply as you need to. Make sure your source is reliabale and make sure your in a good positive safe environment with a clear schedule and no responsabileties
  • Completely natural: Peyote and/or Salvia Naturally derived: DMT > LSD There are two types of DMT by the way. Look them up because I'm too lazy.
  • Salvia i think is by far the most potent. heres why....I've done shrooms and acid and DXM and all that stuff. Salvia is instant. as soon as u inhale it, 10 seconds later, ur world is flipped. It's unlike any other hallucinogen, and by that i mean, u dont just sit back and look at visuals and things melting. most of the time on salia, u dont see things like that...Salvia grabs ur brain and says holy shit dude what the fuck!. Its more of a Mind/Visual Trip......When I did 60X salvia, i was watching pink floyd's The Wall movie. I was at the part where the hammers were marching. I was sitting on my futon and It felt as if i was sitting on a roof looking down on the hammers. I was sooo scared to set foot off the futon. I have a john lennon poster and John Lennon was grabbing the hammers and saying jump down. I couldnt...I was afraid the hammers would hurt or kill me if i jumped off the roof....Salvia takes hold of your mind....When the trip was happeneing, it wasnt like acid or shrooms where you KNOW that what you are seeing is fake. When your on salvia, you believe it is real. You cant tell yourself its fake. And think about this when deciding what is the most potent....the minimal dose of shrooms is 3.5 grams...or 1/8 an ounce. ...acid nowadays, the average good dose is 2-5 hits...depending on where you buy it and how realiable the sorce is...With salvia (I'm basing this on 60X extract), it only takes maybe between 1/20-1/10 or a GRAM....thats right, a GRAM. and it hits you instantly. I've heard of stories of people dropping the bong while they're hitting it because it hits them...Salvia is deffinatly not a drug to be used lightly or regularly...They are currently in the procces of making it illgal. So stock up now while you can. I recommend doing at least 40X or 60X...i was used to 20X but then i tried 60X and it blew me away. If it doesnt work, your doing it wrong...smoke it out of a bong and try to take the whole hit in at once..hold it as long as you can...if that doesnt work...use a torch lighter and do the same....have fun but use with caution....I gave my friend salvia 60X for his first time and he totally freaked out and thought his world was just being washed away...he tried running to the door to get away from it...have fun though...I have fun with it...just watch out and have a friend with you when you do it.
  • Undoubtably DMT in the form of ayahuasca. A large dose of ayahuasca will take you into alien realms, you will see ETs, elves, intergalactic space craft, and the immortal spirit essence. To say it is strong is an understatement. At higher doses, the DMT will totally and utterly dissolve your ego and "you" will realise that the true reality is much different.
  • DMT. Nothing else comes close...
  • Seventeen answers and EVERYBODY got it wrong. By far the strongest natural hallucinogens are the tropane compounds atropine, hyoscyamine and scopolamine, found in Jimson weed, nightshade, mandrake and henbane. These compounds are much more potent than psilocybin, mescaline or DMT. They are free for the taking- Jimson weed grows practically everywhere where the soil has been recently disturbed. Try building sites, landfills and sandpits. The plant is easily identified and spotted from a moving car, and it's extremely common all over the world. There aren't any laws against taking them, either. So why don't more people use them? Basically, because they are WAY TOO STRONG and have many unpleasant side effects, including possible death. I've done Jimson weed twice. 48 hour long trip about a hundred times more intense than acid. Plus I could pee, my mouth was dry as dirt, I couldn't see straight, my heart was beating like crazy, and I was orange all over like a cooked lobster. I couldn't get any sleep, either. The trip that Jimson weed provides is so intense that it has no recreational value. Jimson weed is only of interest to those seeking a very profound spiritual experience.

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