• The answer to this question differs, depending on whether you're talking about saltwater fish or freshwater fish. Freshwater fish do not actively drink water, but absorb the water through their skin and gills. On the other hand, saltwater fish do actively drink sea water. Their gills process the water and take out the salt. The salmon is an interesting example of a fish that lives in both fresh and salt water, and consequently, they have the characteristics of both types of fish. Salmon are born in fresh water, and migrate to the ocean. While living in the ocean, they drink saltwater by opening their mouth; their gills then rid their bodies of the salt and minerals. When the salmon enters freshwater streams to spawn, they stop drinking the water and instead absorb it through osmosis (osmosis means that the water passes through the cells of the fish's skin into its body).
  • Sadly, some fish do drink to excess... mostly cheap vodka or gin; once 'hooked', they live out their little fishy lives as hopeless alcoholics.
  • No, that'd be stupid. Do we drink air?
  • I don't know but I like any water question.
  • Actually, I think they do. They need H2O as much as any of us, and since they are surrounded in it... well, where else would they get it? Yep, research seems to back me up. However, it isn't necesarily the typical drinking through the mouth, but osmosis (absorbtion) through the skin and gills.
  • That's very interesting information. I'm going to use this knowledge to get the ladies lol. My co worker and I were wondering if fish drank water. It's something you kind of just assume but when you think about it? Do they really?? I love it lol good stuff!!
  • We've been buying things made in the USA anytime we have a chance. We paid more for an American-made garage door opener some years ago. I don't know if they are made in the USA anymore. I don't understand why you were given minus points for this question.
  • Yes, fish do urinate. They filter the water through their gills.
  • I think Dory drinks a little more than water, if you know what I mean. Heavy drinker = memory loss

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