• Plant watering schedules depend upon the soil type and composition, size of the plant, how leafy the plant is, and the type. Overwatering will kill a plant as surely as underwatering. I use the "rule-of-thumb" method myself -- if the soil is dry an inch or so under the surface for a mid-sized (2 foot or so) bush, then it needs water. But a 'swamp' plant needs more water than a cactus, so you have to know your plant's needs. Don't assume wilt is due to underwatering -- if the soil is moist, don't water. The best way to find out is to consult a guide for each plant's needs -- and realize you'll probably kill a few before you get enough experience to judge the watering needs of all your plants.
  • Times a day? Are you kidding? Are you talking household tropicals, greeehouse plants, outdoor plants (where-how much sun-what kind?)? You obviously are a gross novice at this so some more information is essential-ignore all prior advice at your own peril.
  • It all depends on what type of plants, indoors or outside, whether you fertilize them, and the seasons.
  • Once a day in the evening should do fine.
  • .3 times a day.
  • Generally speaking once a week is enough for most plants. Cacti need even less Tropicals maybe need to be sprayed now and then So the leaves get plenty of moisture as well.
    • Linda Joy
      I just now noticed the part where it says how much. Usually you should put a drainage hole about an inch above the bottom of your pot so that any excess water can drain out but a small reserve is kept in the bottom you should thoroughly soak the soil around your plant. It would also help to know if this plant is indoors or outdoors, what kind of plant it is and it would definitely help for you to do research on your particular plant. They usually come with abbreviated instructions when you buy them.
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