• Shoot them and bury them in the others' backyard just to confuse the hell out of everybody
  • ok I have 2 sets of really bad neighbors I need to get revenge upon. The first set live beside me and I suspect sell drugs, but regardless have no jobs and decide to throw parties where days on end the stereo goes without stop, with the bass so loud my walls shake. Not only do they like to do this for days but they also invite a crowd of people over at all hours who since it is a gated community ring the buzzer to get into the gate, of course because his music is so loud he doesn't hear it so they ring mine hoping I will let them in the gate...then of course once they get in the gate they either pull up outside the building and beep their horns for the guys to open the door to the building or they ring my doorbell either out of drunken stupor or because again, the guys can't hear their own doorbell. Once they get into the building they make a lot of noise in the hallway and sometimes knock on my door or bang his for 10 minutes. There's a lot of traffic in and out of the building and sometimes groups gather in the hallway outside my door and party out there talking and yelling and kicking the walls etc. I went the legal way I sent them a note asking that they please use some courtesy and watch the volume levels, it did no good. I went over to the apartment and knocked on the door to talk to them personally and they wouldn't answer the door. I caught one of them leaving the building and kindly asked him to please keep it down a did no good. I ended up getting into an altercation with him, the police came, asked him to turn it down and it only made them do it more. I went to the rental office, others have complained as well it seems, I don't know what they did but it made no difference. So I started turning my stereo up when they did..made no difference. That was bad enough but now I have neighbors that have moved upstairs above me who have 3 kids and must all be pirates with wooden legs because they stomp and run through the house day and night and it . from 6 in the morning to 12 or later all I hear is thud thud thud..apparently everything they need is always on the other side of the apartment and they need it post-haste. if it isn't the constant thud of running and jumping it's the sounds of thuds like they are dropping furniture or something. This has gone on for 3 months now so I did the same thing, I sent them a letter asking that they please be courteous and watch the noise levels. IT only made them louder. Now I understand living in a condo/apt. etc comes with the fact that you are gonna have noise and I have lived here for about 5 years and had some noisy neighbors and some good neighbors. Living in the city I expect there to be a certain level of noise but these two groups never stop. It's a good building I know you have to be pretty damned loud to make enough noise for a neighbor to hear you. But I have been nice about it, tried to do the right thing and go about it the right way, and it has made no difference. So I have 3 months left on my lease and I am not worried about getting evicted, especially if these assholes haven't so I need some good guerilla tactics to start getting even with these guys. I have already tried noise/ does no good. The police never come when called half the time around here so getting the law involved isn't going to do anything. I could take them to court for being a nuisance but I don't want to waste the time and resources so judge judy can hit them with a $150 fine and then they never pay it or they pay it and decide to take the cost of it out on my car or something. SOOOOO I need some help, I need all the revenge ideas you guys have! This is WAR!
  • Holy crap, I would just move!
  • O.k, first of all don't turn your stereo up when they do, turn it up in the morning when they are hungover and trying to sleep. As for the brats upstairs, get a broom or some kind of ball and bang on the ceiling at night when they are sleeping, music late at night could also work for them.
  • Water bombs filled with paint. It isn't humourous and coincidental punishment. But it's funny.
  • It began last year, in Auguest. The polite knock on the door when I first moved in. The friendly you really have to lower the noise level please letter. The complaints to the management co. What is clear is HE DOES NOT CARE. Nothing has worked. He is young, ROTC and owns a LARGE "puppy". I have to play music ALL the time, turn my tv up the loudest if I am watching a movie and wear ear plugs. The only time I have peace is when he is not home. I have 6 more months in my lease. Every time he allows the dog to run around on MY HEAD, or chew a bone (yes I can hear that) or drop things, I turn up the music. You would think the idiot would figure it out. What do you expect from a kid who has the NERVE to sign all his responses to my complaints with "respectfully" and has a bumper sticker on his car that says "give war a chance." This is why I don't own a gun.

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