• If it happens at work, it's way too controlling FOR ME. If it's in my personal life, sometimes it's kinda nice. That's just MY own personal opinion for what I like.
  • I think it's nice. I always bust my boyfriend about that. It's not old fashioned... I think it's good to get back to the courteous days. The world has become way too selfish. I wish everyone would do one thing each day to help someone else out, even if it is as small as saying hello and meaning it.
  • It is nice, it's not controlling. :)
  • Depends on your you think women need protecting? Do you want to provide for them? There are plenty of women out there that want this kind of thing but trust me; you won't get much out of them except expectation...
  • It's not controlling. It's other behaviors that are controlling. That is not enough.
  • i dont think it is controlling its just nice!
  • I think it's sweet. Unless the guy is a controlling freak.
  • A couple of those is always good manners. Ordering for you? I don't do that. I mean, your a big girl, come on.
  • There is nothing controlling about this type of behavior. It's called being a gentleman, and hardly ever seen nowadays which is a darn shame.
  • it's only controlling if you order something she doesn't want but instead it's what you want her to eat... everything else just seems like common courtesy, which for some reason is not as common anymore. it's sad.
  • Ordering food for me maybe pushing it a little bit but I pretty much expect every thing else from a man especially if we are in a date style situation with him. I also love it when guys stand up when you excuse yourself from the table... LOVE IT.
  • It's not old fashioned, it's chivalry but unfortunately that's gone
  • Yes,No, Not sure why he would want to wear it, No.
  • Chivalry is dead because lady hood is dead too. If you behave like a real lady im sure you will see that we will be your knight in shining armor. but if you dont then dont expect us to...
  • i think it's nice, i don't know many guys that do any of that.
  • I think it depends on the people involved and also how it's done. If it's just a courteous gesture (a woman could do likewise for a man) then it's comfortable and not controlling, but if the man insists on doing it or it's done in a condescending way, then I think it can be offensive.
  • it's really sweet and considerate but definitely NOT controlling.
  • Swimmersay spoke the truth already. I love to such for women, but if they don't look like they appreciate I won't continue.
  • That's not controlling. It's actually really sweet.
  • Old fashioned is amazing! However, I'm not ok with random guys doing all of that. I appreciate it whenever any guy holds the door, but I would have to know him pretty well before I would be ok with him holding my arm to cross the street. I don't think I would appreciate a guy that wasn't family or my boyfriend ordering for me or helping me into my coat.
  • My husband has always did all of those, except for ordering. He only orders if he already knows what I'll get...certain places I get the same thing every time. I love it. It reminds me how much he loves me. And I found my son doing the same thing, treating women like women...even the younger girls seem to love it.
  • Im no lady, but it seems to me that ordering for you is a bit presumptuous. The other things are just politeness. However there are some militant types who consider all of that to be patronizing and inapprpriate.

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