• when stale air builds up and it does if your house is always closed up, Sometimes after cleaning house I will open all the windows and let the breeze blow in - no matter how cold it is.
  • All of the above, especially in winter, when you can't air the place out like in spring and summer. Sometimes I do, but put on heavy clothes and freeze for an hour or so...(lol).
  • I toss some carpet deodorizer on the floor and vacuum it up. It's worked like a champ for me :)
  • Just the normal, regular cleaning routine and opening the windows for ventilation, whenever possible.
  • open windows
  • The house is well ventilated. So the air inside is same as air in the open. And we have plenty of trees around. Just the routine sweeping and mopping and dusting is all that is required. I have plenty of flowering plants around the house but I don't see why I must pluck them and put them in a vace. The flowers are fine as they are on the plants. I think you asked this question to city folks. But a countryman's perspective can do no harm!
  • I always have at least one window open in each room at all times. Even in Winter. We have VERY mild Winters.
  • I clean with borax added to a soap solution to get rid of odors in garbage cans and such. Borax is super added to laundry as well, it makes the detergent work better. It and/or baking soda can also be used on carpet to absorb odor. For a fresh clean scent on fabrics (sofa, curtains, carpet, etc.) I like the Renuzit Super Odor Neutralizer spray (pure breeze for me); this works better than any other fabric freshener that I have tried. There are two air freshener type sprays that I have found very effective. One is Airwick 2 in 1 (fresh linen is my choice, my wife likes the vanilla) and the other is Lysol Neutra Air (fresh) sanitizing spray. I like my cigars but don't like to smell them (I know I'm weird that way) and these are the only things that I have found that actually take the oder out of the air. For the fridge, the old open box of baking soda is great and for an extra nice touch I add vanilla to the soapy water that I clean it with. I'm not sure how much, I go by taste, er, smell. ;) Of course opening the doors and windows on any tolerable day and circulating the air with fans while cleaning works great as well. Bleach, Comet, Soft Scrub, Pine Sol, Lysol liquid or Bon Ami are great for bathrooms as they all kill oder causing bacteria. It's good to flush drains with one of the liquids as oder sometimes lurks there. Another place that it lurks is in the water catcher of flower pots so dumping these and cleaning them with soapy water and borax can do wonders for that mystery smell. Incense aren't for everyone but can be quite effective. Some are pungent, some are smoky but I don't care for those; I like the soft scent of Nag Champa and the way it can linger for hours without being overpowering. Simmering pots are great as well and there are lots of possibilities from oils to potpourri. I love the smell of fabric softener so I make a weak solution of it with water and it makes the house smell like fresh laundry. One of the more effective things of it's kind is the Air Wick plug in that uses the little glass bottles of oil; in fact, they are the only ones that have ever really impressed me. Handy too is the control on the top that adjusts how strong the scent is.
  • I have it all, I love smells.
  • When I clean the bathrooms and kitchen I do use Lysol. Makes me feel that its use gets things cleaner. But the smell isn't that lovely. It does dissipate after awhile. In the bathrooms we have air fresheners for "those times" when the smells aren't that wondrous! I love scented candles, especially the vanilla scent but I don't really use them a lot. :) ((hugs))
  • we are pretty clean, but if after a party that people were smoking at - we usually open the windows
  • As for the foul air in my home? I gave up on that...I'm married to it! :-)
  • One or a combination of: open windows, air fresheners and scented candles.
  • All of that and the smell of latex : )

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