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  • I don't think that you ever will find a lady who is interested in that. What's the profit or advantage for a woman using you for the rest of your life as her toilet? Usually she would 3 or 4 times need a toilet per day and the rest of the time you are useless hanging around for her. That makes no sense at all.
  • Being a full-time toilet for daily use and for all the needs of your mistress and her household, I can tell you that you won't survive for longer than 3 or 4 week maximum. Being fed only with the feces of your mistress and drinking nothing but her pee and maybe of her girlfriends, you will have after abot 7 or 8 days a serious damage at your health. Too much urine in your blood will destroy your kidneys and you will have a breakdown of your kidneys accompanied by extreme painful and frightening delusions. Making male prisoners eat the feces of women and make them drink pee of women is a very old method of very effictive torture. Very tough people can stand that perhaps at a maximum of 3 or 4 weeks and most just die after 1 or 2 weeks.
  • I just wanted to add that most chinese emperesses were this way executing their enemies and the execution the toilet of the the emperess was first an extremely degrading act and secondly a very cruel and sometimes long lasting act. After a few days there comes up an uremis which means that the urine of the lady whoch the victim has to drink, gets more and more concentrated in the body of the victim. And the worst thing that is that as more pee the victim drinks the more he gets thirsty and from a certain point the concentration of the urine is so high that the victim gets more and more into a delirium with pure agony which is increasing more and more until the people get complety insane. In addition the hormones of the women which are swallowed with their pee and feces mix up the whole hormone situation in the body of the male victim nad this is enforcing the agony and delirious state until important organs like kidneys and heart finally give up. As far as I could read about it was an extremely long and extremely painful kind of torture.
  • Thank you for your contributions. Chinese emperesses were quite well known for their love of tasteful and ingenious punishments and tortures as well as most emperors. Their regime was always based on cruel punishments. And probably it gave to the emperesses an extra feeling of satisfaction seeing their enemies suffer for a long time on the most degrading and most painful way towards a slow death. And by this way every potential enemy knew what could happen to him. I think this kind of execution was as old as mankind. Quite similar seems to me the japanese attitude. They preferred to commit suicide als well as Roman soldiers before they would surrender. And so the Japanese in WW II were regarding foreign soldiers who surrendered as cowards without any honour and so treated their prisoners in an extreme mean way. Anyway we know similar punishments of Catherine the Great from Russia who was a successful but also very cruel emperess.
  • Well this kind of torture was extremely feared by everybody and this kind of torture which was well known was also enforcing the ultimate power of female rulers. And women in these positions never knew any pity because they knew that these convicts were their most dangerous and most hateful enenemies. Catherine the Great was very well known and feared for her sadistic games she enjoyed with her enemies. But it was also a matter of extreme authority and women who are usually much more tasteful in their cruelties because they want to enjoy the pain of their enemies like a pleasant theatre and as a real violent erotic kick for getting longer and better climaxes. Women are in this point much more sophisticated as men who mostly kill the short way. And for a woman it was an extreme satisfaction if she could execute her worst and most dangerous enemy by stuffing his mouth just with her feces and pee until they finally shut up for ever. If her enemy wholuld have won against, she would have had a very bad fate with different methods and so women in these positions always grabbed their chance. In medieval Germany I know that rebellious people or enemies were thrown into the deepest point and hole of a castle. The dungeon in these castles was always the deeprest point and directly over the dungeon there was the ladies tower. And the dungeon was for the ladies the toilet hole and the only thing the prisoners could see far over their heads if a lady was taking place on her toilet and dropping her pee and feces on the prisoners. Everybody knew that and so the families of the prisoners were doing anything to pay the ransom and they knew every day was a new torture for the prisoner. If the prisoners stayed down there for alonger time and the ladies were shitting and peeing on him they finally got sick and died. But some prisoners stayed down there for years.
    • toiletman80
      Would love to know which medieval castles in Germany they were! I would love to be a prisoner in one of those dungeons getting pissed and shit on by ladies all day, sounds like heaven to me.
  • Well in the last centuries this kind of execution was a ptrivilege of noble ladies. Even in Europe these things happened and it depended on the moood of noble ladies at the court. The prisons were mostly filled up and noble ladies from the court could make their free choice just as on a market. For prisoners who were condemned to capital punishment this was even some hope to save their lives. So handsome prisoners were chosen for these purposes and it depended on the decision of the noble ladies when or if they were executed and if most of them finally died, it did not matter at all. At the time of Louis XIV when the castle of Versailles was built there lived about 3.000 or 4.000 people and there was only a single toilet for the whole castle. So you can imagine what ladies with their wide clothes could only use if they did not want to go into the garden.
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