• It has something to do with the same physics that makes one sock disappear from your laundry.
  • I don't know who but I know how to stop it. Next time when you start to play with the group pull a new pick out and tell them you forget to pea on the pick before you got there. Go to the bathroom, pea, put some water on the pick and come out of the bathroom shaking it off say "I'm sorry I normally do that at home with all my picks before I come so they'll be dry". Sit down and play. No one will want your picks again. If someone asks just tell them you've always done that for luck.
  • After I lost a few, I stopped using them. Now I have weird looking hands; long nails on the right, short on the left.
  • What you havent tried them with dip? They are perfect, but its hard keep from accidently swallowing them... they pass through your digestive tract in about 36 hours if you have patience : )
  • Some bastard is probably depositing them inside your guitar.
  • I buy them by the gross and who knows were they go.
  • i do the same thing as longshot just out the other end and peanutbutter
  • A.D.D.
  • LOL I have the same problem. I'll buy like 50 at a time and loose them all within 3 months.
  • I find that my picks just blend very well in the environment. For instance, if I drop any one of my gray picks it's MIA for at least a month. Even though the carpet is a bluish color the pick just vanishes.
  • They must go to the same place as odd socks. Some alternate parallel universe. It's all very mysterious.
  • yeah, the "pick fairy" is the same person who hides the socks in the dryer... ...we are experiencing hard times in the economy, the dude has two shifts each.
  • The picks are in your pants pockets, jacket pockets, in your dryer, under the couch, under the couch's cushions, in your most-used desk/cabinet drawers, near your guitar's resting spot, and in your guitar. Whenever you have $20 lying around just use it all to buy picks. Then transfer them into a small jar and store them in a room you frequent when about the house. You'll lose the picks at the same rate but you'll eventually start finding them and resupplying your jar. And BLAMMO you have a lot of picks. Good times.
  • You haven't heard about the Fairy Union local 103? Your pick fairy works out of the same complex my lighter fairy does! Huh, small world.
  • thats why i started playing wiht my fingers. havent lost them yet and i developed an intence funky finger slapping guitar style. thanx pick fairy

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