• Yes it did happen. (and that is as emotionless a response as you can get) Why ask anyway?
  • I've got no ready facts with me, but search around online or in books, you don't need me to bring you proof. :/
  • yes. If you want to get informed just google it or check some facts out at the library. I knew someone personally who was in a concentration camp in Poland. He couldn't talk about it though except to say he ate worms for a bit to stay alive.
  • of course it happened.. research it you will find all sorts of facts to prove it. There is a fellow ABer whose family was killed in the holocaust so maybe he'll come by and answer you and tell you what it was like to go thru that
  • millions of dead people, and some brutally ugly footage of Auschwitz from the US Army after taking it from the Germans.
    • Army Veteran
      You might want to open a history book. The US Army never got close to Auschwitz - Auschwitz was liberated by the Soviets and they refused the Western allies access to investigate.
  • Yes, of course it did. Why would you even ask? Just do the research. Many in my immediate family actually experienced it. Need more proof:
  • Yes, available evidence points to it having happened.
  • First, please don't post your 'clarification' here. I've seen it enough. Now, as to if it really happened... Yes, it did. The fact that the world went to war helps prove it. As do the various death camps, photos, films, and various other items. There were also the Nuremberg Trials. If there had been no Holocaust, there would never have been a need for the Trials. Go to someone that was in one of those camps and ask. They can show you the IBM code number on their arms, which was used to track them. They can tell you stories. Many can show you scars. I won't say the numbers are right, I know they are wrong. Many died without being recorded. Many were misreported. If someone was a Jew and a Gypsy (yes, it happened) they were recorded often as a Jew. The same for people that were homosexual, or fit other classifications. They were only recorded as one. I know the Romani (Gypsies) know, among themselves, that millions of their people died there. The 'official' record is between 220,000 and 700,000. 80% of their population there, were obliterated. So I have no doubt the numbers are wrong. But just because the numbers are wrong does not mean it did not happen.
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      The fact that the world went to war proves nothing about the Holocaust - WW2 had nothing to do with the Jews. The "Holocaust" saga never came out until after the war. The Nuremberg Trials were a dog-and-pony show to give the illusion that the Germans had a fair trial. The Soviets claimed 40 million perished in Auschwitz only to learn decades later that the actual number was closer to 1.1 million - and this number coincides with the number of disease-related deaths there (but no one ever talks about disease when "gas chambers" produces more sympathy).
  • It is a matter of history that when Supreme Commander of the Allied Forces, General Dwight Eisenhower, found the victims of the death camps, he ordered all possible photographs to be taken, and for the German people from surrounding villages to be ushered through the camps and even made to bury the dead. He did this because he said in words to this effect: 'Get it all on record now - get the films - get the witnesses - because somewhere down the track of history some bastard will get up and say that this never happened' 'All that is necessary for the triumph of evil is for good men to do nothing' Eisenhower was right... people want to say this never happened now, just sweep it under the carpet.
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      Guess what he forgot to get on film? The gas chambers.
  • Weren't you planning on returning to your home in Iran before Christmas!?! Kindly don't be late!
  • Of course the Holocaust happened!!! Evidence?? Well besides all the other proof mentioned here already my own family tree can also be used. I'm only a quarter Jewish and do not observe Jewish holidays/customs/traditions but that doesn't matter here. They still would have killed me all the same. The side of my family with the Jewish people in it is how that side of the family came to America in the first place. Escaping concentration camps. And just cos I feel like taking out some excess stress I have had pent up lately, I am going to take it out here on you. How stupid do people act that one anti semite claims it is a lie and suddenly people out there actually listen?! Do you realize that last year they held a world meeting at The Hague to actually discuss whether or not the Holocaust actually happened???? This will sound insane but I blame those people for all the people that died from cancer during the time it took them to discuss that. Cos we still have no cure for it and THIS is what we spend our time and resources doing?!?!? No wonder it is never going to be cured!! In the time it has taken to promote hating Jews and anyone else that was in those camps we could have gone to the moon for real. Or at the absolute least filmed us going again. And in a way I do see questions like this as a form of hate. So a few Nazis wanna hide all the crimes they commited back then and people just eat it all up and believe everything they say. That is like saying to an Irish person "The Great Potato Famine never happened, you bunch of drunken liars!!" Do people see how stupid Holocaust denial sounds now??? *WHEW* Sorry for yet another rant but the little nugget of stupidity that is Holocaust denial is one of my bigger buttons. It happened, the Nazis are murdering assholes, deal with it.
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      Being part Jewish, do you know the difference between Zionism and Judaism?
  • It happened :)
  • Hmmm....what part of the warehouses full of documentation done by the perpetrators, the warehouses full of shoes from the victims, the warehouses full of gold teeth from the victims, the films of the liberation of the death camps and the still standing death camps did you miss?
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      The Germans were meticulous record-keepers, without a doubt. Interesting, though, how they managed to destroy every scrap of evidence about gas chambers considering the paper trail was strewn all over Germany and Poland. Warehouses full of shoes, gold teeth, or any other personal belongings don't prove gas chambers - there is no direct connection. Claims of gas chambers are made through the power of suggestion using the personal belongings as sympathy generators. And they were called "death camps" because of the huge toll that disease epidemics were taking - not Zyklon B.
  • Yes, it happened. Visit Auswich and have a look at the crematoriums. Look up old footage on Google. Why would you think they DIDN'T happen?
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      Did you know that former Auschwitz prisoners made drawings that depicted what they saw and experienced - and some of the drawings included the crematorium? It is claimed that Jews were being taken from the trains directly to the gas chambers - and yet, not a single drawing showed a body of normal weight. This means that the claims of going straight to the gas chambers were false since those people would have been of normal weight. The only bodies shown on the drawings were those of emaciated bodies - something that could only have happened over time by disease. Funny also is the fact that no one drew a single picture of a gas chamber. And yet, they were the "star witnesses" who claimed that gas chambers exterminated millions of fellow Jews. Maybe the fact that the drawings were made just after the event happened, when the truth was still fresh in their minds, jogged their memories so that they could remember crematoriums but not gas chambers.
  • There are hours and hours of video footage, hundreds of thousands of independent corroborating eyewitness accounts, historical sites...AND Germany is open about it. They are very sorry now. It is actually a crime to deny the holocaust in Germany; you can go to jail for it.
  • It really happened, but, lots of people love conspiracies, and you will find some of them who believe that the holocaust never happened, that we never landed on the moon, that Elvis is alive, that Lee Harvey Oswald is part of a Government Conspiracy, that the Pentagon was never hit by an airplane, plus several more. Too many people just love those theories!
  • Yes it happened, although some people dispute the numbers. Either way millions of people were needlessly slaughtered for the gain of a few. The saddest part is this is still going on today, yet the international community turns a blind eye.
  • Hmmmm...I don't know--did WWII?...did VIETNAM?...did IRAQ? How could we REALLY be sure? That's a head-scratcher!!!
  • Are you really this stupid or are you suggesting it never happened? Hundreds of thousands of American,British and Soviet soldiers saw the death camps where the Nazis committed genocide. Does that meet your requirement for a sufficient number of witnesses. They are also supplemented by the murderers themselves who admitted what they did and actually documented their behavior.Why don't you grow up because you sound like you are about 7 years old. No one has to prove anything to a Nazi wannabe pretending to be a total idiot. How do you like those "facts".
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      Where did you get the idea that the Americans and British saw death camps where the Nazis committed genocide? The camps that the Western allies saw were called "death camps" because of the massive death toll that disease epidemics were taking (you do know about the disease epidemics, don't you - or is that concept hidden away because "gas chambers" is more dramatic?) There were no "extermination" camps in Germany and thus, no "genocide". It was the Soviets who claimed to have found gas chambers in Auschwitz, along with a death toll there of 40 million - which stood for many decades, until the truth came out that the real number was 1.1 million. The Soviets lied about the number to discredit the Germans whom they hated with a passion - it was also why they claimed to have found gas chambers in Poland when, as the allied investigations showed, none existed in Germany. And because the Soviets refused access to the Polish camps by the Western allies, no corroborating investigations by the West were possible. The gas chamber concept was sold to the stupid Western allies just as easily as it is being sold to the entire world today. How do **you** like those facts?
  • It's amazing to me that our kids are so uneducated that they believe there is a possibility that the holocaust did not occur. Go to Germany where there is an amazing amount of information (and they recognize their guilt too.) Why is there this questioning? What is the motive?
  • Yes, it did. A survivor of it came to my school a few years ago. It is very sad how soon no one will believe it ever happened if we don't keep talking about it. How can you not believe it? There are stories of it from different people who were there and it makes me sick to my stomache that these people lived such a horrid life and people are no believing it happened. I believe it and other people do too.
  • It really happened, although I'm sure historical accounts are not 100% accurate. History rarely is.
  • 12 million missing people?
  • Yeah, my Grandmother and Grandfather died in Auschwitz. Now don't you feel bad.
  • My dad was at Dachau the day after it was liberated by the Americans - he helped load bodies into trucks. I don't think he was making it up!
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      What your dad saw and what the world thinks really happened are miles apart. He saw emaciated bodies both walking around and in huge piles of those who died. He saw starvation. But he never saw gas chambers. Nor did he see lampshades made from the skin of Jews nor soap made from Jewish fat.
  • The body of evidence that the holocaust DID happen is overwhelming! In my opinion, the "duping" is from those who would argue that it didn't happen, or even suggest it. There are more than one Hitler wannabe's acting this very day in many place in this world, with minions who look forward to yet another Holocaust...with far greater targets for destruction than the first. [And if you don't know who I'm talking about, all you need do is look in the mirror!] Of the minions, some have taken on the task of surreptiously sowing doubt wherever they can by seeking the defense of an obvious, an historic warning that serves to upset their easier way. Bottom line, rather than engage in the game of having to defend that the holocaust really did happen, I would rather act offensively by demanding "proofs" that it didn't! /s/ Anonymous...yes, the unashamedly offensive one in the same!
  • Well, the 'fact' that convinced me was hearing someone I know talking about her experiences in Auschwitz and Buchenwald and showing me the number tatooed on her wrist.
  • Happened. I met some GIs who were there. You can NOT fake the looks on their faces as they described the action. Besides that, the conspiracy is quite simply too huge to consider a conspiracy. It defies simple logic.
  • Of course it really happened! I suspect future generations of ABer's may read the likes of "Did 9/11 really happen or are we just duped? PS. No emotinal (sic) outburt (sic), just convincing facts!" By then, I suspect answers may read something like "Yes, 9/11 really did happen. But we were duped into believing that our brave Muslin, what they call "terrorists", flew those planes...when they were really scum Jews!" I won't be "duped" into playing in THEIR suicidal backyard with such "questions"! Neither should you...don't just walk meekly into their neo-Nazi/Muslim-terrorist "showers" without a fight!
  • In my experience, people who say the holocaust didn't happen are the people who also say Hitler had the right idea. So, what are they really saying?
  • It was just a concentration camp, there were no chambers and the death toll is less than 300,000 Hope this link helps:
  • yes you about 10-15 million jews died i am saying this because they burned 95 percent of the records.and if it didnt happen explain the gas chambers and teh storys of the survivors explain the doucments at the comcintration camps.
  • You should go to the Holocaust museum in Washington DC. It's pretty convincing. I'm not going to write you a book, but books have been written. I'm Jewish and some of my relatives lived to tell the story. It really happened.
  • yes it happened for fuck sake you shouldnt need to be convinced
  • Yes, I visisted Buchenwald this past summer. Saw some pretty disturbing and convincing things. It really did happen.
  • The holocaust definately happened. The American filmed hours of footage from the camps when they arrived. I don't know how someone could not believe it happened. One of the biggest man made catastrophies in history. There are still some of the old camps with their ovens in Germany today. Salaam
  • How's this for convincing evidence? Actual FOOTAGE of body pits. ***Warning: VERY GRAPHIC***
  • Why on earth would you think the holocaust was a hoax? With all of the pictures, videos and the horrific memoirs of survivors, do you really think it was all faked? What could be the purpose of that? I think to even ask such a question is extremely dissrespectful for the people that were forced to live through it.
  • I will probably get DR'ed just for answering the question as asked, but here we go anyway. How easy it it to dupe someone? I was born a long time after the Holocaust, so I cannot tell anyone for a fact that it did or did not happen because I personally did not witness the event. In order to believe, I have to trust those who may have had an ulterior motive. ie. Governments. Do you believe everything governments say? The event occured just before the propaganda era of the Cold War, where news was fuelled by paranoia, and mis-information was king. Therefore some information was false. However, facts "prove" that the holocaust did occur, but skeptics question the extent of the genocide. (Just as we have no definitive figures for how many Iraqis died in the gulf wars.) The "truth" is that I have never seen any of the proof in Germany, so have yet to be convinced.
  • intriguing question, indeed. the books written by the victors suggest that yes it did. there certainly exist death camps where prisoners allegedy were kept little better than cattle and in other parts of the camp there existed showers and furnaces. some years ago i went to the holocaust memorial in washington, dc. while constructed and operated by the victor (us), it presented tremendous loads of what i assumed to be facts. i've had one existential crisis and it was there. i recommend you visit the holocaust museum and spend a few days in its library if you have doubt regarding the veracity of these behaviors.
  • Just how much evidence is enough? Forget the films & still pictures, forget that the Germans kept records, forget the testamony of alied solders, how about the accounts of the people who were actually in the camps? This debate makes my head explode and I'm not even Jewish, Homosexual, a Gypsy, a JW, or any other group that was persecuted.
  • I always wonted to give my open yen on this I think Hitler was a mental Dr. that did not wont people with ab blood types around and he probably went to school in Texas after school he fled usa to escape criminal charges probably work related and kept hes research going that is y he needed whites to like hem because whites have ab blood some of us of coors so i think he was studding whites to find problem with us.But my answer is yes.I also think he tried to barn some one long be for they did not die and that gust proves he stooped!!
  • I believe it was Eisenhower who insisted that photographs be taken of the holocaust victims at the Nazi Concentration Camps to avoid the type of question you have just asked. There are loads of sites on the web showing those poor souls dead and starving. look up Google.
  • Yes it happened, it has been proven to of happened and people who say it hasn't are ignorant and just refuse to accept the truth.
  • Much information here:
  • I don't need any links. My father was in Prisoner of War camps in Poland and Germany. He told me it happened and I believe him.
  • I can't believe people still ask this question. I do hope you only ask to get a reaction and also hope the reaction is wholly negative ! Much of the evience came from American military sources, why would it be made up ? DR from me !
  • So, where did those photos come from that showed the SS uniforms forcing living skeletons to stand beside a large, freshly dug hole intended as a mass grave, so that when they shoot the person, they fall directly into the hole? Those wacky Nazi's......always with the fear-mongering and propaganda! And here we were, hoping those crazy kids would be able to make a go of it.
  • Uh yea, b/c it's been documented.....How about you look it up on google if you don't believe?
  • The idea that millions of Jews were not murdered by the nazis during WWII is so idiotic that it is pathetic. There is an absolute mountain of documented evidence, including photographic and eyewitness testimony, including principal participants. To those who will not is not enough and never will be. As the saying goes, "There is none so blind as he who will not see." Just Google Netanyahu's speech to the UN last week for an eye opener.
  • If you ever have the chance to go to Washington D.C., take a walk through the Holocaust Museum ( I highly doubt that the entire museum was founded because of a lie.
  • This good enough for ya?
  • There a documentary that I saw in my socialogy class that shows how the thousands of bodies in the concentration camps were buried. I don't know if you're asking because you want to see if there are people who still think its fake or if you think its fake but there was NOTHING fake about it.
  • Here is a link. I personally believe that the holocaust did take place, but to a much lesser extent than people think. There is a 3 part video in this link about a young Jewish man who exposes the fact that many of what are told to have been gas chambers were not gas chambers at all but were created after the war had ended to make it seem like they were gas chambers. Check it out in the David Cole videos on this the link above. Evidence like this really makes you wonder why people went out of their way to create propaganda.
  • The Germans were so efficient at recording what they did,that it was their own records that condemned them at the Nuremberg War Trials.They never thought they were ever going to lose the war and have to pay for their crimes against humanity.
  • Yes. I've encountered survivors. Jews do not normally get tattoos because such is a violation of their beliefs about the sanctity of their bodies. No few of the survivors had number tattoos on their forearms. Germanic script. I can continue to quote chapter and verse elsewhere, but why on earth would a bunch of religious fanatics go against one of their covenants just to 'pretend' something happened?
  • I believe it did due to a large mountain of evidence that I have accumulated over my lifetime; books, pictures, documentaries, knowing a guy with a serial number tatooed on him... Sorry, but I am not uploading my brain. Besides, much of that information was acquired before the WWW, so I don't think I could supply you with links were I so inclined to further prove a well-known fact.

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