• Neither! I like the police and they like me. They do an important and often dangerous job!
  • my local beat are afraid of me ... but only because of stuff that happened a long time ago, plus i've got quite the reputation
  • neither!
  • Meh, neither. I have the wrost luck with cops though. I've been mistaken for someone they were looking for three times now. Twice, they pointed a gun at me. I'm starting to get used to it. =P
  • if they tick me off then they should be afraid, like if they insult my family they're going to end up missing. but other then that im pretty nice and calm around people.
  • They have nothing to fear from me and most of them are rather nice people, at least the ones I've met locally.
  • Why would you fear the police? Not only have they willingly chosen a career to protect us and to fight crime, they are also people just like us with feelings and emotions. They have families the same as us. I see no reason to fear them. God bless them all for what they do.
  • Neither, actually. I've no issues with the police, and I'm no trouble-maker.
  • If it came to a confrontation, I have a hard time believing a guy equipped with a handgun, pepper spray, a Taser, and a nightstick would be afraid of me, by any stretch of the imagination.
  • ... no ... I do not do anything that would make them need to hunt me, and although I am considered to be very dangerous, I would never resist a uniformed officer doing their duty, I would only cooperate ... so we have no reason for either of us to fear the other.
  • Everyone should be afraid of the police here in my town!We have idiots as police and they have no clue what they're doing!
  • Why should either of us fear the other? I look at the police as being there to help me if/when needed. If I do something wrong, I'm not going to argue with them. I have never had an occasion to fear them. Perhaps if I had then my answer would be different. :)
  • I'd say neither, but at the moment Im in a pissy mood, so ... everyone should probably just stay back.
  • Neither. I don't look dangerous...and should the need arise, I'd go peacefully.
  • I think everyone should have a health respect and a little fear of the police. Fear of punishment oftentimes keeps people from doing the wrong thing.
  • fear really shouldn't be a factor on either side. The police are public servants that should uphold the law and keep peace FOR the people and do so with respect and honor with dignity for they are there to serve the public...and the public on the otherhand should respect the police and maintain the dignity that they uphold the laws that we the people put into effect...of course that's in a perfect world..unfortunately there are those that do not obey the law and have contempt for the police for various reasons...some legitimate and some not...and then there are police that abuse their power and warrant contempt for they act above the law and believe themselves to BE the law.
  • they should protect us
  • niether. If you don't break the law you shouldn't be afraid of them, and they should never have to fear the citizens they have sworn to protect.
  • I should be afraid of them, I'm black and they have accidental trigger fingers.
  • LOL. dont be scared of them. if you look scared then you look suspicious and then they feel that your a threat. cops wont be scared of you. if you reach in to your pockets really fast or jacket etc after being told to not move by an officer "even if you have no weapon", he has the right to shoot you three times to disable you. if you continue to procide with the movements he is then allowed to use lethal force and eventually kill you. Remember a cop doesnt know what your capable of so he's going asume you can harm him and any one else.
  • Neither.

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