• AIDS is believed to have started in Africa in the primate population - Dogs and cats can get cancer - as can rats and mice (they test on them) and primates Animals get pneumonia, diabetes (my ex's dog was just diagnosed), respiratory ailments, and various other ailments humans get/catch/etc. Do animals catch these diseases from humans? That I didn't look for, but I have to believe that at least some diseases can.
  • Aids probably not, unless a variation of the strain became a new virus that attacked animals. Cancer however is not a natural disease or condition. it is brought about by excessive pollution and the deterioration of our natural holistic health. pollution, poor food options, preservatives, chemicals, etc etc bring about cancer. Dr.Otto the man who first discovered cancer states that cancer is a man-made disease. he also states that cancer would be non existent if our bodies became more natural, more alkaline, because cancer only thrives in a acidic environment. what is considered acid you may ask, fast food, soda, chemical preservatives, and so so much more that we think is natural and healthy but is really just damaging our health. another mention of cancer is from the late and great Dr. Sebi. who was a holistic doctor that could successfully treat cancer and other diseases through non invasive, traditional holistic medicine. he was successful because he identified the acid in our bodies and naturally treated them. treatments like chemo and other forms of cell killing damages our bodies beyond belief. chemo doesnt help anything, it destroys all cells. The only reason someone who undergoes chemo survives and has their cancer formed into remission is the sheer will and power our bodies have to naturally heal themselves. sure i sound like some lunatic to the latter, but everything i said here is true. the corporate medical industry makes too much money with treatments of disease why would they ever want to find a cure!!?

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