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  • I had a thing about jaws, I just loved the movie, the surroundings, the characters, everything. I watched it several times over the years, maybe eight times. Maybe some day this cold and snowy winter I'll pull it out and visit the island again.
  • Ive seen the dark knight more than any other...ive haved seen like 7 times already
  • The Lord of the Rings Trilogy. I have watch them at least a dozen times.
  • Do u know anything about psp?
  • Gee, have a few I've seen some so many times, I know the lines! Godfather- JAWS Independance Day Forrest Gump All the OCEANS movies ALL the Bourne movies Apollo 13 Space Cowboys Christmas Story
  • A few probably but guaranteed more than 5 times "Up In Smoke"... that reminds me... things to do before 2009... :D
  • Although embarassing, I gotta behonest here. I have to say the top two are: The Wizard of Oz It's a Wonderful Like I'm not saying they are my two favorite, but, because of my age and the incessant reruning of these, I think anything else would be an prevarication.
  • Indiana Jones. Thousands.
  • Sound of Music. Not sure but I would say around 40 times. I'm a big suck.
  • The original "Die Hard" - at least 10 times (which would put it just a viewing or 2 ahead of "Terminator").
  • Rocky Horror, over a hundred times.
  • Son in law... could tell u the movie word for word! Grease 2.... love it Goonies= great movie
  • I watch all my favorite movies regularly. Elizabethtown Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind Lost in translation Almost Famous American Beauty ... and the list goes on and on. I am a long-time lover of film. And the best cinema is best enjoyed over and over... and over!
  • Speed. I don't know why, but that movie intrigues me.
  • "Apocalypse Now". So many times I've the entire movie nearly memorized! "Some day this war's gonna end." ;-)
  • Indiana Jones Trilogy and The Kingdom of the Crystal Skull. Snow Dogs (I enjoy the sound track and the beauty of Alaska). Fifty First Dates (Again, the sound track and the beauty of Hawaii). What Dreams May Come. I couldn't guess how many times I have viewed these movies.
  • Highlander seen it at least 10 times
  • I think I have seen Freaky Friday probably 20+ times.
  • black sheep tommy boy half baked all really stupid, silly movies that i can watch over and over again, especially with friends when we all say the lines and laugh our butts off!
  • mean girls, no idea how many time though, I just know it's a lot, I used to watch that movie at least three times back to back when I was sick
  • Aliens (the second one). I couldn't tell you how many. That movie rocks! - "That's it man, game over man, game over!"
  • I would have to say "Annie"! I know every single song. My daughter loved that movie. Everyday, she'd come home from kindergarden, and watch it during her lunch. She went half day, so she had time to watch the movie everyday, FOR MONTHS. Never got sick of it. Good thing I didn't either. She finally moved on but, I actually watched it on tv the other night, oh boy:(
  • Dawn of the Dead, Sleepy Hollow and Trainspotting, but as for the exact amount of times, not sure, but definitely a whole lot. Pet Sematary is up there too.
  • The Wizard of Oz. - I watched it every year as a child growing up and even now as an adult! Just love it for some reason!
  • Grease must take the prize for me. Must have seen it over 15 times and knew every line. Strange how some movies just click and I never get tired of them. Highlander Hearts and Armour Batman Forever The Last Dragon Sound of Music many more...

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