• u think its funny but during 76' and 77' IBM releashed a keyboard with a key named ANY :D it was next to the right ALT
  • The any key is whichever button on the keyboard you wish to press. All keys on the keyboard are any keys.
  • Ok, Homer. The ANY key is which ever key you can hit with your broom handle with out leaving your seat on the couch.
  • On "any" computer keyboard.........
  • A very wise man once told me that while the 'any' key literally means any key on the keyboard, that there's more to the story than meets the eye. The safest 'any' key to press is actually the space bar key. Let me explain. When you are prompted by a program to press any key to continue, there are other programs often running at the same time. If you press the 'enter' key for example, you may in fact be responding to a question from a second program if that second program poses the question at that precise moment. Since 'enter' is a substitute for clicking 'OK' in most cases, you may inadvertently be agreeing to the second program doing what it wants to when all you really wanted to do was hit any key to satisfy the needs of the program you were originally working with. Now, while this occurrence is rare, it always tends to happen at exactly the wrong moment. The problem with answering with 'enter' is that you can't change your mind. What's done is done and the program interprets 'enter' as 'do it' - 'yes'. Space on the other hand means nothing. It enters a space character in a line of text. No program (except the one asking you to press the 'any' key, will interpret a space bar press as a 'yes'. So the space bar is the safest key to press to satisfy the current program, while essentially ignoring any other program that might raise its ugly head during the transaction.
  • 'Any'where on the keyboard

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