• I've been an amateur magician for over 30 years now, and published a book on Magic Squares (originally my "entrance examination" to become a member of The Magic Circle).
  • Everyone can do magic with a kiss.
  • I do magic in the bed
  • I can't either - join the club.
  • I can make a pie disappear! Yummm! ;P
  • Nope. But I've got a little box with a sliding piece inside that can make a nickel seemingly disappear.
  • Here is a great trick I promise you will be able to do: Take a deck of cards. Put the 2 of hearts and the 3 of diamonds on top of the deck. Take the 3 of hearts and the 2 of diamonds and put them to one side. Approach your victim. Give them the two cards you have removed(3h, 2d). Fan the deck out and tell them to put the cards back anywhere they like. Close the deck. Pick the two top cards off the top of the deck and reveal them (2h, 3d) - your victim will think they are the cards they had originally! P.S. - Only do this trick once as people often get it the second time! P.P.S. - Works better on drunk people!
  • I can totally pour water into a mug and make ice come out.
  • hell yeah im a level seven wizard. ABRA KADABRA ALAKAZAM. i just made my penis several inches longer.
  • No I cant I wish I could though :)
  • Me too!
  • I used to do a lot of tricks, but now I can only do a few.
  • Same here, I can't do magic, I wish I could.
  • I think there are different type of magics, good and bad. I believe in magic, I seen some people do on Innocent people, stealing, cheating on money and ideas and etc.... My husband and boyfriend do lots of magic and tricks on me. Especially, when they have sex with prostitutes and pimps, Whey they sniff somebody, when they have phone sex and talk with hookers and meet them without knowing me, all the time they do the magic and tricks. Whoever using magics and tricks for bad reasons, I always curse them, without any good reasons if they use on innocent people, should affect that back to the same people (Whoever do the bad tricks and magic). God bless us from evil thoughts.
  • I can't do magic; but I believe that some kind of magic is real. You just need someone who has been given a talent.
  • I think that what usually passes for magic is nothing more than sleight of hand tricks, while real magic often goes unnoticed. Magic is the quality that best describes Earnest Hemingway's ability to take only 6 words and make a complete story out of them that can move people to tears: "For sale: Baby shoes. Never worn." Or the ability of a five-year-old Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart to write compositions that survive and are played to this day. Or Michelangelo's Pietà, completed when he was only 25 years old, which exquisitely brings a piece of stone vividly to life. My magic is more humble, getting a child to smile, coaxing vegetables out of the dirt, getting a student to appreciate art, but it is no less meaningful to me.
  • no but i like blaine
  • living it means you can do magic Pandora hearts from the black lagoon
  • I tried a few Card tricks to impress my little grand daughters, but failed miserably. But made my Grand daughters to have a good laugh.
  • well i know a lame card trick :) haha but other than that no..
  • idk im gonna try this holloween let u kno then
  • Nope. I can't do magic.
  • My wife thinks I can. ; )
  • Absolutely!! I have done it all of my life. Some people think it isn't REAL magic, but others know that it is real. I call these tricks, Love, Dreaming, Appreciation, Teaching, Creativity, and one of my favorite and most accepted tricks is seeing beauty in everything. The biggest trick I ever did was giving birth to two beautiful, perfect babies. I will never top that trick!

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