• Find a place thats clean and make sure you really want it before you get it!
  • Find a reputable tattoo artist, that uses hygenic methods (autoclave, disposable consumables), and ask some other people who you know that have tats, and I think referral from freinds is the best way, as they have had the experience with the artist. Not only is hygeine important, but a gentle hand would be nice too!
  • make sure there in no metal in the ink
  • decide if u really want it for a lifetime coz yeah now a days tattoo can remove but it will still leave a mark and if ever u really wanna have a go for it, think well wat tattoo do u really wanna have and sure that u wudnt regret it or else ul see urself again in a tattoo parlor to cover it or making it remove..
  • Oh and I'll add you might be allergic to the ink and once its in the skin theres nothing they can really do about it, unless you get the tat removed. I have a tattoo and it sometimes gets really irritated in the area and will get bumpy and itch non stop, its very annoying because there is nothing I can do about it.
  • ask around first and find out how long the tatoo place has been open. ask how long the artist has been doing tatoo's. make sure they have a clean place. I just got my first one last summer and I went and asked questions and went to the tatooist I felt more comfortable with.
  • If you get names, get your daughter's but not the husband's. Look what happened to Angelina Jolie when she had Billy Bob tattooed on her.
  • when considering a studio to have work done in when you first walk in is it bright and clean smelling if there are animals inside, run away, you wouldn't want a dog on the floor if you were having surgery right? ask to see the artist's portfolio of past work, ask about their sterilization process what labs do they deal with? how long have they been tattooing? when you find the right place then decide what you like, even if know in your head but can't find an exact example you can take a variety of images examples with you for the artist and you can sit down and design something just for you
  • Have a look at the company profile first. when picking your tattoo have a look at the tattooists previous work. Sometimes Differnet style drawers dont interprate what you want the same way. So have a look at his other stuff and his style.

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