• Okay, this is pretty hard to verbally explain, but I'll have a pop at it. What I've done is to write a paragraph form, the go through and put each part of the cycle on a seperate line for easier reading. I reccommend that beforehand, however, you examine the diagram here: The bell system is a circuit consisting of an electromagnet, a switch, set to off, which the ringer presses, a power source, a gong, a hammer (which forms part of a second switch), and electrical contact point. Once the ringer presses their switch the citcuit is completed, and the electromagnet becomes active and attracts the hammer. The hammer moves toward the magnet, striking the gong, but as it does so the circuit is broken (the hammer is part of the second switch completing the circuit, remember!), and the hammer falls back. Once it has fallen back into place, the circuit is completed and it moves forward, striking the gong and breaking the circuit again, which cycle is repeated until the ringer releases their switch.
  • hello i will explain probaly
  • When the switch is pressed,the circuit closed and the current begins to flow through the solenoid. The core gets magnetised & attract the armature. Due to the movement of the armature, the hammer moves and strikes the gong and the bell rings. The movement of the armature breaks the contact & the current stops flowing. The electromagnet loses its magnetism and the armature returns back to its original position. This completes the circuit once again and the action is repeated. As a result, the hammer vibrates and the bell continues to ring as long as the push-button is pressed.
  • Now that you have explained about the mechanism of the electric bell is there any possibility of you explaining how to change the set time on one? There is an electric bell manufactured by 'Atlas Ireland' and installed about thirty years ago in our local Church. However we have no instruction booklet and are in a bit of a quandary. I can't even find the manufacturers so I presume they are gone out of business. Can anyone help? Ta.

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