• As always when dealing with contracts, if a clause was in the contract and you agreed to abide by it by signing it, you are bound by it. If your HOA has a clause in their regulations stating that all members of the HOA must not have certain dog breeds and you signed the contract, you cannot have those breeds.
  • Specifying breeds is probably not an effective idea, because how do you classify mixed breeds? Depending on how the rule is written, and local animal control statutes (if any), it could be unenforceable, but you'd have to sue in court to find out. Better to try and get enough of your neighbors to agree on some common sense rule.
  • Because the HOA operates outside the government rules and regulations yet their rules are binding. This is part of Agenda 21 that controls the occurrences around the USA and world. It was approved by then President Carter with Executive order 12858 in 1993.

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