• if standing facing the car. its attached to a "C" bracket bolted to the left side of the brake booster (Silver Canister). It has a rubber hose attached on the top and bottom with hose clamps. Not much room to get a screwdriver in to remove hose clamps or wrestle hoses lose from filter. Price for filter about $10 at Autozone. Hopefully you are just replacing the filter as routine maintenance. My car has a crank no start problem. After charging the battery, cleaning battery terminals, and checking for spark from the coil and replacing the fuel filter all that was left was the fuel pump. The back seat is easily removed by pulling the 2 release levers on the front of the seat at right and left near floor. Lift out seat. The fuel pump is accessible by removing the 4 screws that are in the black plate that covers the hole through the floor to the fuel pump. Push the grommet for the electrical connector through the hole in the cover and slide the cover down the wire and out of the way. Then remove the screws in the pump retaining ring, fuel lines and electrical connections and remove and replace pump. $140 at Autozone. The easiest way to check your fuel pump is with seat and cover removed turn key to on position (do not start) and listen for the hum of the electric motor in the pump. The pump should run for a couple seconds with the key in the on position to pressurize the fuel system. On my car every 3rd or 4th key on I would just get a gurgling sound.... 3 key on for 5-10 second and off with no sound and 1 key on for 5-10 seconds with gurgling sound..... So I'm assuming the pumps bad..... Hopefully this is way more info then you need....

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