• I'd go for the Supreme, without black olives or anchovies.
  • Theoretically, yes ... Buddha did it, and so have several others ... I am getting there but so far I have only passed the three Enlightenments of Kan & Li ... I have a ways to go before I achieve supreme enlightenment ...
  • No I do not believe I will maybe some will make it. It is something I have a lot of doubts about I am not even sure what it is.
  • Maybe after a few more lifetimes, but definitely not in this one.
  • I don't know if a human being can achieve supreme enlightenment. I'll settle for being consciously aware enough of the time.
  • Most likely not. It sure has evaded me to this point and I don't see that ever changing. Just supreme confusion.
  • Sure, no problem. Just stop believing in things like enlightenment and ignorance.
  • what a wonderful goal to set, can it be achieved, maybe not in this physical life time span........ but in another plain, Id think so :)
  • Chances are 50-50!
  • I agree with the others, maybe in another life time.
  • Enlightenment is a tricky one to master.The ones that become enlightened in this life time can try to explain what it is like to be in that state of consciousness but the listener would not understand anyway.Once one reaches that level they will know it,and teach others the best they can to reach that level as well.From my understanding it takes 1000's of lifetimes to reach that highest human state.
  • Re: enlightenment: Theoretically, yes .. given it's a process .. a way of being .. vs a destination state. However, once you say "are you" .. then I have to add: --- glimpses now and again vs a way of being --- but that's ok. Spirituality is a priority, so will just stay open ..
  • Yes without a question! Remove the old coat of self destruction and put on the coat of learning
  • Yes without a question! Remove the old coat of self destruction and put on the crown of learning
  • Yes, it is possible for those who are blessed but the enlightened will never talk about it!There is a story where Sri Ramkrishnaji says to Swami Vivekananda that those who are enlightened-- if they say they are, then they are not!And if they say they are not, then they are telling lies-- so they keep silent!
  • It's not the goal, it's the journey.
  • Yes anyone can do this, as many thousands have from the time of the Buddha right down to today.
  • Absolutely! Just this weekend, I went over to Home Depot and I bought me these super duper flood lights, there are like 400W. Man, talk about supreme enlightenment!
  • Ask Prince Siddhartha Gautama?
  • I'm enlightened already, I just don't know it. That's the beauty of seeking enlightenment, isn't it? The only person stopping me from being enlightened is me. As soon as I get out of my own way, I'll recognize that I've already achieved the ultimate. There's nothing special about me. I suspect we're all struggling with this same problem. Mind you, I could be wrong, as I haven't achieved enlightenment yet. Or have I?
  • Sure, but I just want some luvin today : )
  • I dunno. "Supreme enlightenment" is a big (grandiose?) bite! I'd settle for 'interestingly dynamic', Rickster! ;-)
  • I'm sure trying. But it seems work, house payments, insurance, bills in general keep me from having true peace of mind. Did Buddah, Mohamed, Ramtha and Jesus struggle w/this? Or am I missing something? Quit my job and go live wild in the woods?
  • Yes absolutely, but you may not know about it. It is not the you - the discursive mind of duality - that will ever be enlightened, never, ever, and that is a good thing. You need that mind to get through the day, so don't expect it to vanish or change. Just keep a careful eye on it. What "you" may come to understand is that "you" will never gain anything from enlightenment. That is enlightenment in this very lifetime and, in fact, there is no other way than this very lifetime, besides the fact that you are absolutely already enlightened. Or as the Buddha said: "I gained nothing at all from Supreme Enlightenment, and for that very reason it is called Supreme Enlightenment" Find out how this is.
  • first off, there's no such thing as "supreme" enlightenment. there is only enlightenment. second, it is not an "ability" that is "attained". you are it - capable of experiencing right now. you only have to be awake. third, there is no lifetime in which to "attain" "it". all is one and so life and death is the illusion perceived by sleeping mind.

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