• November 4th, 2008. To vote. I find it a little sad that I don't have to depend on the public library for much any more.
  • to use free internet access heheh
  • I just recently went on a book drive and went to the library and delivered them. We collected over 400 books.
  • the kids could get some books.
  • Tuesday. I use the Library a lot.. I got twelve new Audio Books.
  • 2 years ago. Passport. Corona, Ca
  • We go all the time - mainly for books, but sometimes for CDs, DVDs etc. It's also a really good source of information on what's happening locally, so we always look at the noticeboards and leaflets :)
  • They are an AWESOME source for audiobooks for my iPod when I take road trips! I last went to the local library last week.
  • Research for a term paper!
  • Last Thursday. To take books back, to take others out, and ead the newspapers; also to check my website using Internet Explorer--Aargh! It works OK with Mozilla, Firefox, Opera, Konqueror, lynx, but not IE.
  • I visited my town library on Saturday to pick up books that I had ordered on interlibrary loan over the internet. I chose to on Saturday so that I could give flowers and a card to a wonderful librarian who is about to retire due to a terminal disease. The snow and ice were bad and I had trouble getting there. I love public libraries. Mine is small but beautiful.
  • I visit one every day. It is part of my work.
  • I think that Linux is the cockroach and Windows the dinosaur, and of course you are right about toy computers. When I was doing my postdoc, a while ago it is true, my huge research grant gave me one hour a day exclusive use of 24K of 2 millisecond core storage, exclusive use because time-sharing operating systems hadn't been invented, indeed operating systems hadn't. You punched in some binary from the front panel, enough to read in the bootstrap loader, then you read in the compiler on a huge reel of paper tape, then the program on a smaller one, and finally data on yet another reel; and you could listen to the speaker as the machine zipped through your calculations and spat the results out on more paper tape. It was fun at the time. The machine cost £750,000, an expensive toy.

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