• Im really sorry for your loss Katie. I cant say I have ever turned away from the man upstairs. I mean Im certainly not a practicng religious dude, I have my beliefs and whatnot. Its just hoffific that something like that had to happen.
  • I'm very sorry for your loss, and I'm not saying that lightly, even though it sounds like a cliche'. There really isn't anything that you can say when someone dies that doesn't sound like a cliche', and especially when they die in an act of war like that. Where was he? I haven't turned away from God. God never said we wouldn't suffer. Suffering is part of the human condition. I know people argue that if God were all-powerful He'd stop it and since He doesn't stop it, He doesn't care. I guess I think of it a little differently. God doesn't want to be worshipped by people who are forced to their knees. He wants to be loved like a parent by people who know Him. But to give us the freedom to reject Him also gives us the freedom to be evil. It is we who choose to do evil and evil hurts others. We all die sometime. All of us. No one gets out of here alive, whether we are touched by evil or not. Whether our lives are long or short, we all die. What God does do is to comfort us through it and give us courage to go on with the wound of losing those we love. And He promises to allow us to see one another again. I'm not saying this tritely. I started nursing my mother through cancer a month before you lost your father. I lost her last fall. I've been nursing my five year old through cancer since she was 18 months. She is still with us and her prognosis is good, but we will never be completely out of the woods. And even if we do dodge death in childhood, she will die eventually, as will I. We don't get a choice in that. We only get to choose how we face it.
  • Reason, intelligence and a mind of my own has caused me to stay away not only from the god delusion but also from any and all others
  • God and religion are two different things. I never believe in any religion and I believe god is create by human. Since they need a God...
  • God has nothing to do with religion. God is the creator of everything, the USA, Africa, London, Iraq, the Keyboard your using, other planets, even the whole universe. Religion is a belief. long story short a way of brainwashing the public to obey. I stopped going to church when I was little and as I've grown I realized we are all one and not meant to be categorized into different beliefs. The only thing you need to believe in is yourself and the creator. Everything else was put before you as a means of being controlled. Worked for most people. Only the people tat talk to god know "the truth"
  • Katie, sorry for your loss as well. I know it is tough to lose a loved one. I think you should turn to God in tough times, he can give you the joy and peace that you need. Something like 9/11 would not cause me to turn away from God, more likely to bring me closer to him. Yes, it hurts and you do wonder where God was at that time but know that he's still on the throne and loves his people and has a God given purpose for all of us while on this earth and I'm sure your father's purpose was complete before he passed away.
  • Not uncommon to react this way. You will return to your religion in time my friend. When your anger has played itself out, you will return.
  • Katie, my heart goes out to you. The tragic events of 9/11 changed alot of peoples lives forever and in many different ways. I have never subscribed to a religion and therefore I never had any reason to turn away from one. I was taught at a very young age, that you do not need to go to church (practice a religion) to be a good person - God is everywhere all of the time. The golden rule was impressed upon me - "Do unto others, as you would have others do unto you." As I got older, I heard someone use the acronym G.O.D. for "good orderly direction" and I realized that fit my life perfectly! While I do believe there is a God as in a creator of the universe, etc. I more so believe that it is important to live your life in a good orderly direction. I have been to several different churches and have observed aspects of several different religions - and while churchgoing people are for the most part good people, they all tend to look down on non-believers. To me, this is hypocritical of the very things they supposedly practice. As I get to know more of these religious people - especially the phanatical ones - it is a very clear observation that they either lack something in their lives, or they have had something major happen in their lives whichs steers them towards a religion for either a sense of belonging or clarity. And often times, they were just brought up that way. I wonder why if God supposedly gave them free will (according to the Bible) that they do not rely more so upon their free thinking minds and be independent of cult-like organizations (churches). You are in control of your own destiny. There are good things in life as well as bad. When the bad things happen, its sometimes hard to get through but if you have friends and family, that should be all the support system you need. Now the irony here, is that any religious person who reads this will probably downrate me for speaking my mind especially since it differs from their point of view. But I wanted to offer you another perspective for what its worth. If maybe one small part of anything I've said, can help you in some small way, then that is reward in and of itself.
  • u believe that god is responsible for what happened.
  • Nothing has, And nothing ever will. I am sorry for you, and I have prayed for you. God be with you.
  • With all my trial and tribulation, I have NEVER turned away from my God..
  • it was crap,and i dont like other people having better scams than me
  • I was told I could not be married in the eyes of God even though my husband left me for another woman. I realized those were the words of a man, not God!
  • Being rejected by god's people. If their god is real, sees their actions and still accepts them, that's not my kind of god.
  • Well I started to think which is a big no-no for the church! I realized that it was all propaganda in disguise and I began questioning the validity of God, whether he was just a dictator who assumed his position because he knew the people would follow, or an actual being.
  • I was close to religion, but as i researced the origins of these religion, in a way it knocked my belief of a God creater , but enlightened me, about the true but lost meanings of the original Religions. In this day and age, starting from the first Pope and israel kings, Religion changes, its becomes a Political/power tool to implant fear into the minions of the high leaders, "Fight or go to hell" a powerful mind/faith trick. original religion was never ever to do with this.
  • Satan, I blamed God instead of him...
  • When I realized that God would only believe in me if I believed in him, otherwise you get smoted.What kind of God is that? A Goaulde Perhaps? So smote it be!
  • yeah I stopped talking to God when my dad died in nov of 2000, I was young and couldn't understand

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