• Petting zoo... does that count? Or the Exploratorium in San Francisco. Fun place, that. They got (or had?) a Tactile Dome. +5
  • The Children's Museum in Boston encourages touching.
  • I think any museum for the blind would allow touching
  • Sure. Many exhibits at science or technology type museums have are hands-on .. to learn how something works. Many aquariums have hands on tide pools or such to see what starfish and other marine life feels like. Many zoos have petting zoo sections/areas. Some large musuems will have activities or hands on things to touch when a particular rotating exhibit is up and running. It's a good idea to learn if any near you have any classes or special experiential tours going on. Might find yourself fingerpainting .. or closing your eyes and comparing the feel of cotton vs silk vs a feather vs burlap etc. You can also check into any kind of historical site, national park, living history, reenactment, etc places or events where you might find demos of arts, crafts, machines, inventions, etc. For some, there are also chances to touch or try. Wood carving to cooking. Playing a tuba to tying a knot on an old ship. Possibilities are endless. Check out their websites or give them a call. Great question. :)
  • I held a megalodon tooth in my hands at the Smithsonian Museum of Natural History. :)

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