• Yes. There is a cure... I think... well there was.... possibly.. No I'm sure that it can be cured... well.. almost sure... there should be... No! there is... definitely... well... I am almost certain... I think.
  • Maybe (sorry - couldn't resist!). I am very indecisive, so use a few techniques to combat it. If I have a gut instinct, I go with that. If I don't care either way, I decide whichever way gives the greatest good to the greatest number. If it's simply "should I have a cheese or a ham sandwich" type decision, I just pick randomly. If I really don't care either way, I toss a coin. :)
  • I'm not sure.. is there? Lol.. I do force my siblings to be more decisive but it is something that is innate and prob related to esteem - so hard to say...
  • Yes... Well no, well maybe... I don't know? A coin toss usually works for me!
  • I don't know. There may be a way of smacking someone if they take too long to decide. Or withholding food from them until a decision is made.
  • Death.

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