• Good for you
  • I am not sure what Church you are talking about but I know that even good people say dumb things sometimes. Also, we are here on Earth to improve our lives and to live a more christ-like life. God gave us a Saviour, who suffered for us so that we may be forgiven, and so that we have a chance to change our lives. God is a just god and demand's an exact penalty for sin, but that penalty was paid through Christ for us if we will repent. Thus the penalty of sin is upheld, the justice of God being maintained while mercy is also perfectly dealt out. At least that is the way I see it.
  • Jolly good! Seems like you're just now going through the same process I did when I was young, a slow and cynicle disallusionemnt from the ideals and beliefs of religion, good for you!
  • It is good to see that other people also withdraw membership because of thinking different than the church leaders. Theologies, dogmas and doctrines are developed by men, we have not to follow it when we discover their not biblical. Theology is not the word of God and man could not be saved by doctrines.
  • If your findings in the scriptures are not being met with the congregation that you attend, I do respect you for standing up for what you believe in. I don't think withdrawing from a particular church means you are abandoning God. I would suggest you take a break and explore your spiritual side by investigating other religions.
  • You have to go with where you think God is leading you. If you no longer feel spiritually satisfied move on. We grow in our relationship with Christ each day, and that sometimes opens our eyes to what a church can or cannot do for us. I am a Christian but I detest Religion, it is a bain to humanity. I have had more success following Christ by being less religious and more humane, loving the man/woman on the corner or the abused teenager etc. Whatever your passion follow it and you will be rewarded in heaven, let love be your religion, let Jesus show the true way and He will say "Well done my good and faithful servant." Blessings to you.
  • You do what is right between you and Deity. I don't think Deity cares much about carrying an official membership in any congregation, denomination, or religion. You have my full support of your actions, and your beliefs - even if they differ from mine.
  • I am glad that you are using the mind that God gave you, and not blindly following someone else's rules. Good luck.
  • That is a really big issue to have fundamental differences on, I would leave a church for that too. My biggest thing is that.. whatever a church teaches, I must be able to find it in Gods word.. not in just one verse or some obscure "we think its like this" but what I believe must stand up to an actual study of what He has told us. (I use the Strongs concordance all the time, its available online for free too.) It is such a wonderful thing to study, pray, and seek out what it true and what is not. God bless you and keep you in truth and love. :-)
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