• I'm sure i saw a guy holding camera equipment in the prestige. my friend also thought he saw it. they cleaned it up though once the dvd came out.
  • This is a wonderful question! +4 points! The opening credits of the movie "The Shining" drove me nuts. Kubrick was legendary perfectionist director after making "2001." But here we are, a ghost story set in New England, and the protagonists of the movie driving by car to a resort. But if you watch the opening sequence carefully, you'll see the shadow of a helicopter. A HELICOPTER? WTF? There are no helicopters in the story! So instead of a "ghosts eye view" we have another movie spoiled by inattention to detail.
  • there is a scene in heat where Waingro is getting something to eat or drink then he walks away and theres a few guys standing right there in the reflection of the glass.
  • In Killer Clowns From Outer Space, you could see part of the guys arm in the scene where the clownthing comes out of the toilet. It was redone for the dvd. In the Rocky Horror Picture Show, you can see the wire when Dr. Scott's wheelchair is pulled up the stairs by Frank's big magnet. In Braveheart, there is apparently a scene where there was a truck in the background, but I haven't found it yet. There were a couple scenes where blood splattered the camera lens.
  • As a teenager, I loved the movie Speed, and came to notice several bad mistakes: -When yelling at the bus driver to be let on the bus, you could see the camera refected in the glass. -There was a shot on the freeway from behind, and you could see the shadow of the camera crane that was driving behind them. -When the bus was going to crash into the airplane, the cable pulleys that were towing the bus were shown. -When the subway train was sliding, you could see the holes where the 'grinding' sparks were being shot out of.
  • In weapon scenes many times you see them put the wrong bullets in the gun. On Miami CI the other night a car rolled over (after exploding of course)showing the bottom of the car. No rear axle, tranny or motor, just a few plates for the exploding devices.

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