• Some people say the tongue will fully heal in about 14 days and in a perfect world that might be true. In my experience I would give it at least a full month to heal before changing the jewelry. You would hate to lose your piercing by being too eager. Personally, I waited almost two months before changing mine and I had no problems with it. If your tongue is still sore your piercing may not be fully healed and you should wait a while longer and possibly even go see your piercer.
  • i got my tongue pierced 16 days ago, I tried to change it and it was a disaster, so, im waiting it out
  • i got my tongue pierced 16 days ago, I tried to change it and it was a disaster, so, im waiting it out
  • Hi i am a body piercer and i tell my clients to wait 2 weeks it is better to see your piercer and let them change it first time so they can see your tongue and put the right size bar in. hope this helpsx
  • I heard to wait atleast 6 weeks
  • wait until your tongue turns green, smells like dead frogs, tastes like spoiled fish, and feels like its going to fall off. then take a dirty hacksaw.. well you can figure out the rest
  • Well they use a longer barbell when they initially pierce it, and that can make it easier to bite down on it when your tongue isn't swelling up anymore. I found that after two weeks mine was healed enough to put a shorter barbell in, just so it was easier to eat and talk without fear of biting on it because you don't have to deal with the extra length. I think its originally pierced with a 3/4" long one and people then decrease the barbell length to either 5/8" or 1/2" depending on the person. It was a little weird changing it for the first time, but I think it is better to change it to a shorter one after 2 weeks just to talk and eat easier. I'm not advocating that you change it whenever you want after two weeks (and NOT AT ALL advocating a vibrating one, wait a while for that) just a shorter one to allow you to cope with it while it heals. Leave that one in for a few more weeks before you change it at will.
  • Had my tongue pierced 4 weeks ago and im not ready for the bar to be changed just yet. Still swollen which seems worse in the mornings and my longer bar isnt causin me any problems anyway.
  • I got mine done two weeks ago from today. I changed it today and its fine. Its hard to eat with the other bar because its so big. Now I feel more confortable. I say everyone has a different opinion. =]
  • about a month, see your piercest and allow them to do the first change, then I would wait about 2 1/2 months to let your tongue go back to the original size (yes it takes this long, but it sounds worse than it is because the main swelling will have gone down, but to completely go down, it takes time). Be careful not to put a too small one in to soon, because otherwise it looks as if your tongue grows around it (on the underside) then you will be left with a sort of crater, just doesn't look good. :p I love my tongue piercing tho'.
  • I got my tongue done on Mar 27 and I have downsized already. Because it was really making the web of my mouth very sore. and I went back to my piercer and she did it and it didn't hurt like the piercing it self did. Let me ask this when I got mind done the didn't use clamps on me she just had me stick my tongue out and the put the cork under it and stuck the needle threw. that sh-- really did hurt. I just wanted to no what that the right way to do it. Everyone else I no say they use the clamps.
  • im getting my tongue pierced on the 24th of oct, but im only 15 and have to go bk to skl a week later :S any advice on how to make it less visible for when i go bk??
  • They say 6 weeks.. But if you wont to do it yourself its not that hard.. Start by removing the top bar.. An if possible use a mirror or even get a friend with gloves to help.. Make sure he or she has steady hands this is a delicate process.. Remove the top ball an slowly pull out the bar.. Have the other piercing ready to go an stick the two piercing end to end so when you begin to pull it out you just follow it through.. DO NOT pull it out an try to stick it in.. Your hole will close up in a matter of seconds.. I NO!!!! Be careful an hope this helped!!

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