• Not at all! I feel they were right!
  • My vo-tech required them for electronics. But only after we could prove we could do it without them.
  • u must be jokin right ? all my teachers said that was cheatin !
  • LOL - one could argue that calculaters weren't invented yet when I went to school (totally not true...we could have always used an abacus). To answer your question, no. Now, my youngest son uses one. He has severe learning difficulties, and it's an aid to him to get through long division etc. The oldest boy, and my daughter had to learn calculations "old school".
  • When I went to school, calculators were unheard of. I graduated from high school in 1961, and in my senior math course we used slide rules and logarithmic tables. : )
  • There were no calculators around when I was in school. My father bought his first LED calculator in 1973. That was when they came into the market. By then I was in the University. I think we used to be a little better at addition and subtractions in those days before the first pocket calculators arrived. To this day I write my accounts by hand on a ledger. I do the additions without a calculator. To me calculations are for more complicated tasks - for real calculations.
  • No way, we got a demerit (sort of a strike against you) if we had a calculator at school.
  • YEP!! thats why I never learned anything. You can't learn anything if its all done in calculator for you in school I mean really.

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