• Evidently, chocolate or cocoa has a chemical called phenylethylamine. What has been stated is that when a person has that euphoric feeling of being in love, this same brain chemical is released into the system. There probably is some type of connection with chocolate's chemical composition and certain good feelings (i.e. chocolate contains the same chemical that is released into the system when a woman has that feeling of being in love). That would have a comforting feeling. Chocolate is also very rich in polyphenols, a type of bioflavonoid and antioxidant; evidently, more so than green tea. It is often sugar (not the cocoa) which causes unwanted side effects such as weight gain, etc. There is some information at regarding this data. Ha! When Europe first discovered it in the new world, a group of nuns in South America spent much of their time making and eating milk chocolate until it was outlawed by the church.
  • Its as simple as asking why do men and some woment drink beer other for entertaiment? Because like smoking and beer chocolate is very addictive!!!! Also some smokers believe smoking carms them down and in some beer also does. Just read the back of a chocolate, the ingredients have a few substants that are well known for calming relaxating the body. Hope this helps!
  • cause it tastes good
  • Because it tastes so stinking good, and it doesn't talk back to us like children and some men do. Just kidding.

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