• I have no idea mate but 100000 man points for addressing the issue
  • She is just trying to entertain you by making it more of an adventure then it was for her. See she loves you yo.
  • You have to hear what what said, and what was thought when it was said, doubletime.
  • Come on understand us girls...we like detail :D LOL
  • I don't know, some people just like to yak. I know this is usually considered a female trait, but it's not always and it drives some of us nuts too.
  • EC! Aw, come on, man... be nice. ^_^ We just want you to understand not only what happened, but what we thought, felt, and why it means enough to us to talk about it!
  • isnt it obvious, your wife is an idiot. im sure you think this on a regular basis, im sure she is lovely and that is what matters. this is my opinion.
  • You get to hear not only what was said but also what the other was wearing, how everyone looked -tired or stressed or really good. Why they said what was said, how that made your wife feel. If there was a reference however remote to a man; why are men such jerks or wasn't that sweet of him? How do you feel about that and if you don't; why can't men express their feelings, ect, ect. And often for the final flourish you get - "I don't know why I bother telling you anything and you sctatching your head poundering the same question knowing it's sure death to say that out loud. Close on any of this?
  • ROFL .. "because"! (And now .. since we're talking .. let me share with you a conversation I had today with .... and then .... and I thought .. and then .... and I felt .... so then ..... and then .... you see?) It's all in the spirit of sharing with you not just the WHAT of life .. but the who, when, where, why and how of it as well. You know .. all the "good" stuff! :)
  • Heheh. Well, you know, one thing that few women are is direct.
  • You Forgot they add all the Details,,,,And The Extra Chatter;)!!! But she loves that you listen;)!!!
  • Because she wants you to picture it, which requires an extra thousand words.
  • women.exaggerate.alot.

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