• The 150 pound teen girl will be on Cholesterol pills and use crutches if we don't tackle the epidemic we have now- Moderation is the key to good health and cooking tricks to get the flavors we crave without the fats.
  • That's a tough one. I think there will always be a balance of people who are health concious and people who don't care. I think healthy living may become slightly more dominant in the future but I could be wrong.
  • After reading about McDonald's business increasing in recent months, I fear that society will not get any healthier. Children seem to prefer playing video games and watching 300 channels of cable TV rather than going outside to play. And parents seem happy with that, rather keep a watchful eye on them.
  • I think people are gradually becoming more healthy. Stores like Whole Foods are far more popular, cities are banning trans-fats, and people are finally waking up to the fact that bad food is bad. Unfortunately, though, fast food is cheap and fast while good food is expensive, and in trying economic times the food budget is the first to be "trimmed up". So in the next five years, people will probably be a bit chubbier, but in twenty years I fully expect the Western world to be more healthy.
  • I think the more advanced medical science gets and the longer people are able to live, the more people will waste those extra years with cheeseburgers. Etc., Etc., Etc.
  • I think a healthy 150 lb teenage girl may very well be the norm in some countries as the average height continues to grow in many. I think people will always eat what is tastiest. People seem very health conscious now and have for a long time. Although they are conscious of it, it's like anything else...the discipline isn't there.
  • More health conscious Sara...if I have my way
  • Health consciousness is becoming more and more related to good living and the most respectable lifestyle. Fast food living is quickly sinking into it's own social status. And I think, if nothing else, people respond to social status.
  • It is the norm today to be overweight, this comes from eating excessively and not being active enough, i don't think you can just blame it on fast food, a balanced approach to life is required. I hope we are healthier in 20 years, but from what i have read it is my generation (25-35) who will live the longest and healthiest lives, it seems kids are not being taken care of as well as we were. With all we know about nutrition lets just hope people start educating themselves.
  • I think people are health conscious now. But there will always be overwieght people. Even though people are more aware now there are more fatties now then ever before. I blame those stupid workout infomercials that sell lies
  • I think people will be more health conscious, for sure.

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