• "Feed the birds, tuppence a bag."
  • Well you could volunteer at your local animal or homeless sh.elter, or thrift store
  • I've healed some at home, taken others to vets, provided shelter and food for still more of them.
  • By cooperating with the shelters that cares for them !!
  • Feed them, give them shelter and allow them their dignity.
  • My wife and I run an online business selling organic pet health products, with a particular focus on Canine Parvovirus, which is a dreadful disease. We've also written a 100+ ebook about Parvo, which is freely available at no cost on In addition, six of our own seven dogs are rescues. As for people, I've been a regular donator to charities in the UK such as Cancer Research and Guide Dogs For The Blind, and I've given my time at several functions that were for other charities.
  • I have a shelter for unwanted cats.
  • Oh, I volunteer time throughout the year. I don't throw food away that birds or squirrels can eat. I also treat myself to many nice treats.
  • everything I can, I have two turtles two dogs about thirty fish and adopted a rat that wondered in this winter, people wise Im a bit more cautious but still willing to help those in need.
  • Look around you. What can you do personally? There are social services, and there are animal help organizations and shelters. Find out where they are and their phone numbers. And many elderly people have the social sevices, but they do not provide common human concern. Visit some old folks in your neighborhood. Find out what they need. Maybe just a ride to the grocery store and back is what they would like. Maybe someone to write a letter for them and mail it. Maybe a trip to the park and just sit and talk? Or going to the senior citizens center. How much do you want to get involved?
  • Volunteer at a local homeless shelter, food pantry or some agency that assists the needy. Also you could offer to help at tha area animal pound. Contribute money to charitable organizations and ASPCA.

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