• should go get a yours and mine ky jelly's about 16 dollars at walmart..its good for both of you..unless you guys aren't into those things.. then you should get her some nice lotions and soaps from bath and body should be 12 dollars for three bottles of different things..just stuff them in there..they will fit =) have fun!!
  • a pen, I never have enough, $1 scratch tickets, those magnetic pads you can stick on the fridge, hard candy, lindt balls, fancy soaps.
  • It really depends on what she likes. Small and inexpensive?... -Crosswords, Sudoku, or Fill-Ins -Thank you notes -Stationery set -DVD's that SHE likes -Gift card to fave restuarant -Chocolate covered cherries, pecan logs, whatever she likes -Mini address book -New wallet or change purse -Multiple perfumes (small, sample like, sold together) Any of this helping or helping you think of something?
  • Cordial chocolate cherries? Lipstick/makeup [if you know what she uses...]
  • If she wears nail polish, how about that and/or some polish remover and some emery boards? A $5.00 gift card for her favorite fast food place or rental movie center if you do that. Best suggestion I can give though would be home made gift certificates for you taking over a chore of hers, a nice full body massage or time away from the kids while you treat them to some Dad time.
  • socks, lip gloss. mittens. handcream[a small tube] nail polish ,a rubber ducky [ya im weird] a chocolate bar or candy, little soap, bath beads, roll up her fav magazine, a little thing of bubbles[u know like from when ur a kid]
  • Creams, and body washes that are minis so she can have a variety at a small inexpensive price. I always like those items, and lipglosses would be great. Nailpolishes? Hair scrunchies, if she uses them, but make sure you put one fancy one in their that she might use that Christmas day. :)
  • Lip balms in different flavors Christmas socks Lotion Small framed picture of YOU Nail polish Nail buffer Sachet
  • Sensual oils. :) It's the gift that keeps on giving.

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