• They are insecure.
  • because they are shy and insecure,
  • Well I'm a person who is one of those people and the thing is some people just don't like their problem to be put on the spotlight! I really don't get embrrassed embarassed I get angry embarassed I simple joke can turn into rage from me all because I make the joke bigger then it is! I've been trying to control for my family sake. But yeah some people just make a big deal out of something that really isn't that big!
  • Good upbringing & social graces?! ;-)
  • Could be they don't like attention directed toward them; could be they are afraid others will "see" too much. Without further info. I can't say for sure.
  • ..well..when all eyes are on me..i get a little red..but i don't get embarrassed..its weird lol
  • I assume that it is because of personal triggers and the dynamics of an indivisuals history concerning the way in which the child learned how to deal with situations that were not exactly in their control at the time. Outward influences that effects the trigger feelings... Its like that old poem, "If a child lives with _____ the child learnes how to be ______." Shame and conviction often times equals embarassment and nervous uncertainty. All people react to situations differently... When faced with a similar or the same situation. Some people act out in rage to vent their inner discomforts, some in embarassment, some retract inward and some project outward. Some attack and some direct it inward on themselves and rather than cause anyone else pain or suffering they turn on themselves. This comes from a feeling of un worthiness. stemming again, from shame and conviction. Deeply religious or moral people often harbor these feelings. All the things that go on inside the self need a point of reference and also a place for them to go once they are experienced. Embarassment, I assume, was caused by shame or a feeling of inadiquacy or severe (what' the word?) conviction? concerning how you learned what was right and wrong... Usually as children, we all have this or that experience dependent upon out input from our upbringing... these ideals and beliefs belonging more to our parents initially, than to ourselves, mostly as a direct result of how they raised you or how circumstances shaped you. When we get older, we begin to either accept these processess or deny them, hence the discomfort and desire to dissociate yourself with your own process... causing pain and more discomfort and even identity confusinon. Because we need something there to replace what we are trying to remove... If you have no knowledge or understanding other than your own, fear prevents us from change, as a survival tactic. A therapist provides that replacement alternative reaction as a good and safe reaction to counter the one that we are used to on a mental and even chemical level. When you dig deep, usually through cognative therapy to discover your own triggers and processes, then you can uncover the reasons why you reach the way that you do concerning certain situations. And in knowing yourself... you can begin to reshape yourself with intent to be something else. That is all up to you...
  • I wonder the same thing. I don't get embarassed but for some odd reason my face turns red whenever I get called on in class or something(when their is a lot of attention directed at me) Now if I trip and fall or run into something, that hardly bothers me.
  • cause theyre too sensitive

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