• They use to.
  • For a while there, though they were planning on getting married, but at 12 or so, they started hated each other like kids should.
  • Actually, no. There seems to be similarity of personality. They do a lot of things together.
  • This is something that baffles me too. When my sons 5 years apart in age were young they never had any sibling rivalry. The older one was all tolerance and help to the younger. The younger was all admiration and affection for the older. Now that both have completed their engineering degrees and the elder has set up his own business while the younger one got into a fundamental research company a rivalry appears to have developed. This is because the younger brother refused to work in his elder brother's company. They will work it out among themselves in due course - I am hopeful. I just can't interfere in young men's affairs.
  • my brother and sister and I never did we were always really cool with eachother
  • Not really. They just stay out of each others way, mostly.
  • Yes, never a dull moment!

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