• Not specifically -- but there is 'Electrophobia'.
  • I wouldn't be surprised. The mind can develop an irrational fear about anything -- there may not be a formal name and recognition for this fear, though. ("Outletphobia?" If it's not named, you can name it!) To illustrate, on my 8th birthday my mother asked me to light the oven -- she had put something in to bake and forgotten to light it. So I went into the kitchen, pulled down the matchbox, turned on the gas.... and then got distracted by something. When I returned to the task at hand, I lighted the match. The resulting explosion threw me back across the kitchen and burned my face and hands. I can still *feel* the smell of burning hair to this day (I'm 40 years older). For about three years after that incident, I wouldn't light a match. I wasn't afraid of ovens, or baking, or open flame, or gas -- I was afraid of matches. This was tough, because I had a chemistry set I liked to play with, and it required lighting an alcohol burner for many experiments. So my mother bought me a cigarette lighter and I was fine using that. After a few years the fear faded and I was able to light matches again. So if you imagine someone plugging a defective plug into an electrical outlet and receiving a shock, that's a case where they might develop an irrational fear of outlets.
  • Im not sure but I have what I call a "phobia" of things that are flammable especially cigarette lighters.
  • theres an phobia for everything.
  • i believe there is a phobia for everything. even one of my teachers is afraid of gymnasiums.
  • I am sure. I have a healthy respect for them because if things go wrong or they are trewated carelessly, they can cause fires and electrical injuries. Mine is more like caution.
  • Yep. There is a phobia for everything. However my experience is that every phobia actually has a grain of rationality to it, contrary to the popularly accepted definition of "phobia", but the logic may not be straight-forward. For instance, my phobia about stinging insects is a result of a life-threatening allergic reaction I had after getting stung by a yellowjacket as a small child; easy to follow. However Stableboy's phobia about matches... a little convoluted but understandable if you know the back-story.
  • Electrophobia- Defined as "a persistent, abnormal, and unwarranted fear of electricity", It's not a fear of electrical outlets but it's a phobia of electricity so it's in the same category. Do you have a fear of electrical outlets?
  • I know some people who are scared to plug things in because they have gotten shocked by outlets before. It depends on proir experience I doubt anyone could be born with that phobia.
  • shockingly no, there is no current known, electrical outlet phobia, i've plugged away trying to locate one though. There is a phobia of 'outlet malls'
  • I had a phobia about electrical outlets when I was about 3 years old that lasted for several years, maybe until I was around 10 or 12 y.o. My family was moving into a new home. I found a bobby pin and put the ends into an outlet. My dad told me when I was older the bobby pin had melted in my fingers causing sever burns on my thumb and index finger also burning the web between them. I was totally afraid of plugging anything in an outlet for years. Don't know if this can be called a phobia but it sure made an impression on me including my fingers!
  • The fear of electricity as in electrophobia. It seems it is a legit thing. How does the fear come from - back in the mechanics of mind - you need to explore it.
  • As a child, I had more curiosity than fear for electrical things, which led me to what could have been serious consequences. If you're worried about touching the plugs, wear rubber gloves.
  • That's not a phobia. Its a real hazard and should instill caution in all of us! But if you're too afraid to use them after being instructed on how to use them safely maybe you should talk to a therapist.
  • Not if you are a professional electrician. 😄

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