• Uh, what Kool-aid have you been drinking? Bush pressured others to start the war. There was no war until he went on a lengthy campaign to persuade Congress and the rest of the powerbase that Saddam Hussein was a threat, based on false information about his possession of WMDs. Really, there is nobody else who gets the big share of the blame for the Iraq war. It had almost nothing to do with 9/11, except for the fact that America's heightened sense of paranoia in the post-9/11 mindset made the lies easier to sell.
  • No, it wasn't. See, it's unlikely that god would have spoken to anybody who is intelligent and rational As for 9/11, well, some of us are of the believe that Bush and his interests in oil were directly behind that faith-based initiative. Unlikely that it would have happen with Al Gore or John Kerry although Kerry may have picked up a war with another country over tomatoes for his wife's ketchup company
    • Hardcore Conservative
      We still get less oil from Iraq than we did before the war. So much for that war-for-oil assumption.
  • I like how folks like to blame Bush for the war but there was overwhelming support for the Democrats. It's all about failed intelligence. Not just the US intelligence community, but all the other nations that were involved in collecting the intelligence that was not interpreted correctly. And agreed upon by many foreign agencies.

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