• The number of siblings has very little, if anything, to do with being lonely. You can be an only child and never be lonely. In contrast, you could have many siblings and still feel lonely.
  • Only if the parents isolate them. In earlier times that may have been possible. Given today's sad tradition of placing infants and very young children in daycare makes the number of siblings less of a factor in socialization.
  • I think so not only as a child but as an adult, when their parents are older and they have to carry all of the burdens of situations alone without having a sibling to help them. Especially when one of their parents or both passing away, they are left all alone and nobody will truly understand their loss except for them. I have three siblings and we have great memories from our childhood and we continue to make new ones still, I would be so lost and bored without having them in my life. Get togethers at my parents would be quiet boring without all of their children and grandchildren.
  • Not really.It is better to have a single child and take care of him/her properly.They have good friends in the play school. elders normally force the young couples to have a second which I feel is wrong. I am sure the pain experienced and trouble bringing up one is a tad too much for the mother!Frankly the father is just a bystander for 9 months and thereafter also! Today it may be economically viable to have more, but suppose in the future the couple breaks up then what???
  • Depends on how much attention the parents give him/her
  • Not necessarily..but they could grow up to be lonely adults, if never taught the importance of sharing (toys, affection, laughter)with others.
  • if you were to ask my daughter, she would say without any hesitation that being an only child does make for a lonely child. to the contrary, because we could focus more on her than parents with multiple children, she is more engaging, better educated, more social, etc. the key is to have a child immersed with others, and that is a parents responsibility.
  • I was raised as an only child. I just made friends the normal way. Having a brother or sister wouldn't have affected that.
  • Not if they're well adjusted and have developed their social skills. I can tell you from experience, however, that only children accounts for some of the biggest sociopaths I've ever had the displeasure of coming across
  • I'm an only child and as a child it didn't bother me at all, infact I was thankful not to have brothers or sisters. But now I'm older my only thought about it now is when my parents have gone, there is only me, i'll be alone then, and that scares me.
  • No..normally a spoilt child!!!!
  • Not necessarily.Totally, depends on the kind of upbringing and environment.
  • Not always. It's really interesting, I was having a chat about this with my friend the other day, who's an only child. I find it really weird to think about what it would've been like for me growing up without my sister when I was little, and just now to talk about family stuff with, and slag off my mum and dad, and just have somebody you know can't hate you forever. Even if you break their eyeliner. Anyway, my friend's parents divorced when she was younger, and she was explaining to me how much more difficult that was because she didn't have anyone to talk about it with. But if there are friends and cousins, and family around, right from the start a child won't be lonely. I tend to find people without brothers and sisters are more stubborn, though.
  • I never thought so. I was an only child for 17 years and had a great childhood. With my parents, we were the 3 musketeers, doing all sorts of things together. Without them I had books, animals, especially my horses. I was never bored, even for a quiet rather shy kid, I had a wonderful time:-)

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