• I prefer to build my own computers.
  • Lucky for me, I think there's an answer that's in between those two. You can order a "customized" computer. It's been awhile now, but back when I got my last computer, I literally played online. I compared makes/models. well .. actually .. models with my preferred brand. Then selected the "class" of models that was closest to how I intended to use my computer. Then I went through .. item by item .. and left as is .. or downgraded ... or upgraded. Can't imagine building one, but don't have to accept one "as it comes off the shelf" either. Odds are I'd have trouble upgrading one myself. So customized buying is GREAT. Just like we can do with cars if we want. Pay more or less depending on what we care or don't care about.
  • build it myself only time I buy off the shelf is at a customer request because they prefer it that way so I then shop online till I can find best deal with the most bang for the buck(that is taking list they give and looking though lots of sites)
  • The only computers I've ever owned are/were mixmatched hodgepodge of different parts rescued from being thrown out by others and expanded upgraded when my IT friends have spare parts!! I'd love to buy a computer! If I was I'd buy the parts and stick them together myself that way I'd get what I want and no software which I don't want. did that come out ok? good question btw
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      If you only build computers from parts other have discarded then you must have some very slow or out-modedl PC's. And just buying a part and having it compatible with the rest of the rig, well that's what all pc hobbyists want. lol
  • Build it yourself. You can always add items, change items, upgrade, downgrade, overclock, etc.. Most, if not all name brands have their own "secret stuff" proprietary components. You must replace with their part at 4x the amount of cost.
  • It depends. If your computer is only 1 or 2 years old, it's probably worth fixing.
  • ready made will usually work compared to DIY may have trouble making all of the components work together
  • Whichever is cheaper. I don't do much with my computer so I don't need all the bells and whistles.
  • I have built five of my own computers - all desktops. However this became exceedingly difficult in the age of laptops and completely impossible in the era of cellphones. 😋
  • I've done both. *** In the early years, build-it-yourself computers were pretty iffy. Even if you bought good, name-brand components you might end up with a PC that had intermittent reboots and so on. *** But in the early 2000s the components got really reliable (if you get the economical but reliable brand stuff), and the best computer I ever had by far was one that I built myself. I used it for about 15 years!!! *** Now I usually buy used Dells because they are so cheap! But if money were no object, I would build again, and I would expect it to fulfill all my needs and wishes for at least the next 10 years, with only an occasional replacement of graphics card and cpu fan (which are the two components that repeatedly didn't last and had to be replaced on my favorite build).

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