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  • because nice guys are invisible.
  • Maybe you are looking/finding these guys in the wrong places. Try somewhere new. :)
  • Um, I lie and drink and I can be a jerk. Sorry... . I guess what I'm trying to say is, you're not going to find a guy that never lies, never drinks, and is never a jerk just like I'll never find a woman like that. The trick is to find somebody who apologizes about being a jerk and makes it up to you, drinks socially, and doesn't lie about the important things... I swear I'm not lying, they exist!
  • Maybe because your going after lust instead of love. They have a different feeling. You should learn the difference. Most people get the hottest one they can find and cal it a wrap. unfortunately its not like that. you have to look past the physical attraction and see whats inside that pulls you to him/her. Don't get me wrong you have to be attracted to the person just don't look at that aspect first.
  • Maybe you need to respect yourself more! You deserve better .. aim higher.
  • Perhaps you are looking in the wrong places. Change where you have been hanging out. Try new locations. Mix it up.
  • Same reason i always pick the wrong women.We're suckers for a good line.
  • Because you're looking in the wrong places. Try doing it out of pubs and clubs.
  • I used to have this same problem with women. I'm still pretty bad about it, but I'm getting better. I used to always date women that would cheat on me or cause drama. I always used to think that I had bad luck but there comes a point where you have to stop blaming circumstances around you and accept the fact that maybe you're doing something wrong. It turns out I had a tendancy towards those sort of girls. I'm not sure why. But all the warning signs were there, I just wasn't looking for them or just ignoring them. Keep your head up Freedom. From what I can see a guy would be lucky to be given the opportunity to treat you like a princess. =) Remember, you can't control what other people do, just what you do. If you meet someone and they're a dick don't let it bother you and don't let that sort of person dictate how you feel about yourself or compromise your morals.
  • Maybe it's because you seem to be "picking" the guys you date, instead of letting your feelings decide for you. Listen to what your instincts tell you when you get to know a person. Try not to judge everything by looks as well, as the more you concentrate on their personality the more you can understand them as a person. By doing this, you'll most likely filter out the guys you know that are not worthy of your attention and energy.
  • Maybe your letting them pick you.
  • Because the 'wrong' guys take advantage of nice girls? Just remember who you are deep down. You are not responsible for when they lie, ignore, drink excessively or otherwise are a jerk. Some people can't handle a caring person. That is their problem. Do not let them make you feel there is anything wrong with YOU because of how they mistreated you. Be strong enough to realize that THEY are the jerks, liars and alcoholics and that you deserve better...even when you don't understand why they act the way they do.
  • hey lieing alcolholic jerks need love too
  • According to Dr Phil *roll eyes* you have a low self-esteem and you unconsciously believe that you only deserve jerks, liars and alcoholics. So you attract them. :-)
  • Who's got two thumbs, is pretty nice, and isn't an alcoholic or a liar? This guy
  • Well, it seems women always choose the bad boys. I know very good men who have a hard time finding women to date. On the other hand, guys that are arrogant and treat women bad have women practically throwing themselves at them.
  • Because you attract them, set your standards higher!
  • I've had my share of wrong picks..but they were all nice guys except for two. One was a compulsive gambler/pathological liar (they go together) and the other one was possessively jealous. Hugely bad choices. Guardian angels must have watched over me 'cause I dumped 'em and they stayed dumped. Then Jim dropped into my life out of the blue..saved the best for last.Your best is yet to come, m'dear! Maybe just around the corner or over the next hill :)
  • Because nice guys never approach, they always think they will be rejected. Nice girls can be like that too. They can be so humble, or so busy doing something so worthwhile that they are hard to find or get to.
  • Hey, at least, they're not also gay, lazy, drug addicts and in jail
  • Because you don't live close to me?
  • Maybe those guys are more exciting. I like to think of myself as a nice guy, and I think most women think I'm boring.
  • 5-2-2017 Because you are a woman. Men watch such things and they make a list of things they do to get laid. Women don't appreciate being told what's on the list, but they are there because those are the things that work. #1 - Talk to a broad. If you keep talking long enough, she will eventually take off her pants. #2 - Broads like a man with confidence, but it's not what men call confidence. Men call it "acting like a jerk". #3 - Broads like to be lied to. It doesn't even have to be a very good lie. Memorize a few stories. #4 - People who drink booze meet more people and make more money. That's why so many of your friends are alcoholics: you met them in bars.

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