• I think that California would give you the best idea of what many different sides of the USA can look like, and good cross section of the people as so many come from all the other states. There are beaches and mountains, large cities, and quaint little country towns. There are movie stars and cowboys, millionaires and farm workers. It's got it all.
  • California, but make sure you visit different parts of it. CA seems to have just about everything and it is very diverse.
  • Colorado. Cheap, safe, scenic, fun, casual, what more can you ask for?
  • Where are you coming from? If youre coming from overseas, it would be a shame to come all that way, visit california and not leave a little time for las vegas or some of the incredible sites in arizona, like sedona and the grand canyon... and you gotta visit new york city.
  • Visit North Carolina. It is absolutely beautiful and varied. We have the seashore, the mountains, beautiful inland lakes, large cities and small rural communities. Climate is great, just don't visit during the hurricane season! ;)
  • Yep, I was going to say Cali also, especially Hollywood and then Northern Cali, from SF and the bay area up to the redwoods. Maybe also the Pacific NW; there would be more contrast with Australia in the lush greenness there. What are your interests? That will have some bearing also.
  • You have to visit Washington DC. It's not only a very beautiful city, but can give you incite into what the US is all about (and I'm not talking about the political side of it!!)
  • Don't come to Tennessee, we have crap here, shopping, construction in every area, some people like it but unless you like country music there is really no point!!
  • Utah. Reason. You will get such a good impression of the USA and its people that you will get the urge to go back and see the rest of it. BTW - I'm from Europe and have no time for LDS.
  • Texas becasue there is so many differnet things to see

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